Thursday, March 9, 2006

heartache hurts

The one bad thing about losing a kitten (other than the obvious) is it ruins the joy of the others. I'm scared to death to go down there now afraid I'll find another one dead. I keep making my husband do it... at the oddest times too. Maybe in a few days, the kittens will be bigger and stronger and I won't be so worried.

The babies are all still gaining, which is nice. Two have lost their cords now. The Zithromax stopped the URI in its tracks. Mom is actually being neat and tidy, and while I wouldn't say attentive, I haven't gotten any of them to poop yet, so she must be doing SOMETHING for them.

My own kids are okay. Em is losing weight again. I don't like having to supplement her raw diet with canned, but it seems the only way to get her to eat enough. The rest of the gang likes it well enough, but not immediately. They have a few bites, go off about their day, then finish it up. Wouldn't normally have a problem with that but this stuff doesn't smell the best. I missed giving Ollie antibiotics yesterday for his teeth. He had gotten seven days worth so I peeked at them first, and they were still inflamed, so he got one this morning, and we'll continue on the two-week treatment. Hopefully that will put a stop to this.

Bri likes to be out and about, so I am thinking of moving her again. I don't want her on the floor in the office because the only place the cage fits is in front of the cable wires. Must have cable or I have no internet. :) I have some extra rugs downstairs, so I'm going to work on getting the boxes unpacked in my craft room and get her in there with a spare rug so she doesn't have to worry about doing her cute bunny flips on the slippery wood floor. She's very good about her litter box, so she might have very long running free times. Only cords in there are electrical, and they don't need to be plugged in all the time. Yes, there is the wood objects she might chew on, so we'll see.

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