Wednesday, March 8, 2006

must remember why I do this

Sometimes it is VERY hard to continue. Today is one of those days. I very much want to pack all the fosters up and bring them back.


Well I went down this morning around 10 am to find the little orange kitten laying on its back not moving. I packed everyone up, threw clothes on, ran to the clinic. He was dead. Myla smothered him.

Not doing too bad to only tear up now.. The vet (who doesn't know me) treated me like I had no clue on kittens.. even after I told her. *sigh* I don't like her.

Everyone else is still gaining weight. The little calico really looked sick this morning. She sneezed a few times yesterday, but today it was bad. She's the only one showing symptoms, but they are all on zithromax, which they all made the most horrid faces at. Myla went to eat while I medicated, and they screamed. She came back a few moments later and sat on the black and white one... totally sat on him.. I love her she's so sweet, but I could smack her into next week right now... well maybe not smack, but I wouldn't mind putting her into next week.. (does that make any sense?)

Myla also got a good exam, and there is no other kittens. Must have been her uterus that I was feeling prior... now that it has shrunken back there is nothing to feel.

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