Sunday, March 5, 2006

Myla's practical joke

Well maybe practical joke isn't the right term, but what else to call it? We went to bed around 10pm, and at 12:30 I woke up and had to go pee. I got up, did what I had to do, got back into bed, got comfy, then heard screams. Now the bedroom is upstairs and down the hall from the kitten room... pretty far away. They were faint but I just KNEW.. I got up, walked down the hall, through the kitchen, turned the stairwell light on, when I realized I didn't have my glasses. At this time the screams were very loud. Turned around, woke up the hubby - cause if I heard screams THAT loud I knew something was wrong. Grabbed my glasses, walked back down, got downstairs and noticed that Myla had shoved two of her kittens under the door onto the concrete - which is VERY cold. One calico, one red/blond tabby. the red one was the one screaming his head off. Good thing too cause if I hadn't shown up, I have a feeling that the first born would have died. See there was another calico on the other side of the room in a puddle of blood. Barely moving, barely breathing.

I looked around for more, found a solid black one and put the three together. then started concentrating on the cold one. Did a warm bath and lots of rubbing. Watching it gasp for breath was rewarding, so was the second gasp.. and the cries.. very nice. Seems to be doing well.

Started cleaning up and trying to get all the kittens on to some place warm. Myla still didn't seem that interested in them yet. Found a puddle of urine.. *rolls eyes* and another kitten. This one hidden under a pile of towels that are dirty and were set aside to come up to wash.

I gathered all the kittens and put them on a bedding pad in the carrier with the heating pad on. They still feel very cold to the touch. Gave them all a drop of KMR. While drying them off, most of them gave me stool. very odd to me. I don't remember new borns ever producing stool. (rubbing in general gets them to eliminate, but that's usually after they have eaten something) Made the bedding warm with a heating pad then shut if off. Myla joined them as soon as I had them all in there and huddled together.

So at this point we have five kittens. Two calico, two solid black, and one red. I know she has at least one more kitten in her, possibly two, but she seemed to not want to give birth while I was there.

Hopefully the next couple will go smoothly. Not sure what to do next, though. Myla was fighting being a cage this afternoon.. do I try to keep her caged now that she's got something to keep her busy?

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