Wednesday, July 18, 2007

dehydrated and constipated

her issue the other day was that she was consptiated. Forced some A/D with some pumpkin in her, and once things started moving along she was right as rain again - well as right for her anyway.

she is becoming more and more dehydrated too. I try to give her fluids to stay on top of it, but I always seem to be behind the 8ball on that one. I don't want to do too much, because when I do it throws off her balance and makes it hard to walk. so the last time I put half on one side, the other on the other..

When I locked her in the bathroom, she figured she'd never get out ever again, because she now locks herself in the bathroom, not leaving through the door but waiting to be let out by one of us. I don't mind her being in the bathroom all day, she's got everything she needs in there, and no one is going to bother her., but I feel bad thinking she wants to explore the house.. *shrug* I don't want to leave her outside the bathroom - because if she thinks she can't get out, she might not want to go in where all her food is.

She was getting ratty again. With the forcing of the pumpkin and her general over all condition, it was time for a bath. I wanted to make it as easy on her as possible. She didn't mind being held and put under the water last time, but it was very hard to get all the soap out.. So this time I filled up a large bucket and dunked her in it (water up to her neck) picked her out, soaped her down, then put her back in for a quick rinse.

she was mad. Growling, and fighting me.. it was kinda cute. I tried to towel dry her, but she was so mad she wasn't having any of it. She wandered off and tried to lick herself dry. which she could only slightly do. I ended up taking a hair dryer to her, and helping her out a bit.

I do love this cat..

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