Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The unbearable cuteness of Tilly

This kitten is dangerous. VERY dangerous. She's almost irresistible. with the big fluffy coat, the huge "submit to my will" eyes, and the daintiest of meows.. that and she's so much smaller than everyone else (still not on solid foods)

I walked into the kitten room the other day and she was sitting in the metal water bowl I put down a few days ago when it was really hot and wanted to make sure they didn't run out of water. Well it had dried out... and she was sitting in it just as happy as could be, giving me the eyes, being obnoxiously cute. She's also quite the lady.. sitting right proper.

I brought her out to meet Tweedle, who is dying to play with the kittens.. Tweedle was all excited, but it just freaked Tilly out. she hissed, she rolled on her back, splayed her ears back.. (which in and of itself was stunningly adorable) I so can't adopt another kitten right now.. and if she doesn't fit in, she doesn't fit in. but I'm mentally trying to fit a square peg into a round hole if you know what I mean :)

Oscar finally figured out the whole eating process. He still wants food from me, but thankfully I don't need to any more. Just Tilly and Cinnamon seem to not have it down. They both are on the small side, but are getting nourishment from Mom (and maybe eating when I'm not around??)

the kittens all love each other too. Quite often find them all piled into a too small basket I have down there. Talk about your kitten piles!

I started Miss Molly on Metro the other day as her stools got soft again. She is obnoxiously skinny, and will nibble on dry food, but doesn't eat much more than that. This morning her tongue looked on the pale side, so I went into the shelter for some A/D and nutrical. Will force her to eat some, maybe give her an appetite stimulant and lock her in the cage with food and see what happens. Obviously if anything else shows up, she'll be making an emergency trip to the vets, and if she doesn't show improvement before Thursday I'll bring her in to see a vet. Miss Martha is starting to fill out nicely.. she needs some more combing as she has a few more mats. I feel bad, because by taking out the mats I'm leaving bald spots. Fortunately they aren't visable to look at her.

I did a post on Craigslist.org to try to find them homes before they go back to the shelter. I'm hoping they can go somewhere together. I got an email asking about them, but haven't heard back yet. I so hope this works out..

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