Thursday, July 19, 2007

how does she do it??

I sweat this cat has more determination than I do - and that is saying a lot! Last night I was certain the end was here. she was having a very hard time walking, her coordination was off, and she was quite lethargic. I talked to her quitely, told her that it seemed the time was here, and that was ok, that it is ok to not want to fight any more, and we would do what we had to.

this morning she's up, she's interested in things, she gave my DH hell for not feeding her (I wanted to do it a little later in the AM)and when I went to put food down she walked as fast as her frail little body would let her.

When I found out what was going on, the vet said we had probably until June. At the time I asked Em if she could make it till Christmas - I think she's doing her best to do it.

Her eye has stopped producing goop.. which is one good thing. Both her nasal passages are blocking up and she is breathing through her mouth a great deal of the time causing her to drool. Her BGs have been pretty consistant lately which is good..

I have to listen to her. I can't imagine the guilt if I forced her before she was ready.. so one day at a time.. Today was not her day.

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