Tuesday, July 24, 2007

they say that nothing is wrong (fosters)

so I have been dealing with diarrhea with some of my fosters for a while now. We got a diganosis of coccidia, so we gave them all marquis paste which kills it in one dose. I also gave them nemex which kills round worms. Things weren't getting better, so I gave them a second dose of marquis paste. did another fecal - it was negative. was given metro (and I gave albon to the few kittens) and still no major improvements. - well five of the kittens are fine.. fat, happy, firm stool. two of the girls are still very small. and the mom's are still very VERY thin.

so I got them to go to a vet. Fecals were negative, physical exam unremarkable, everything seems fine, and in good condition - except the fact that the mom's are remarkably skinny, and have very loose stool. Not to mention the vomiting going on..


I hate not getting support for fosters.. I wonder if I can get my vet (who does work for the shelter) to look at them.

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