Thursday, July 26, 2007

ok, well maybe SOMETHING is wrong..

Geeze.. *shakes head*

I spoke to the manager at the shelter who I seem to work best with. The cat (or cats I'm not sure exactly who went and who was left behind) went to crazy psycho's (to be known as CPV) practice. as previously stated I was told (now granted this was third hand) that they were in good health, nothing wrong, try the low ash food. When manager called this morning I said they were given a clean bill of health, and they were still having major issues, and I didn't hide my frustration. so she suggested I call the vet I like, and see what he suggests. He suggested doing a stool and go from there.

Got a call back from manager. She said crazy psycho vet called to check up on said cats, and that maybe they should be on medication for three weeks.. arrgh. Ok fine. but I'm still gonna bring said stool to said vet and talk to him. cause CPV suggests that they only eat dry and no wet.. hun? what?? hasn't he ever read that the optimal diet for cats is protein, NOT carbs??? apparently not.. but there is no telling CPV anything that might even remotely be different from his opinion - even if you have clinical evidence. (cause JAVMA has published many an article on it) I'm a little surprised he didn't tell me to find a semi moist diet for them - like tender vittles - which has been his recent "cure" for loose stools.. yea.. cause all the chemicals and the carbs in that are a PERFECT diet for cats.. arrrrgh.

and honestly, keeping these kittens for another 3 weeks is freakingly dangerous. Both Cinnamon and Tilly are campagining hard for "cutest kitten" award. Cinnamon on her adorable actions, Tilly on pure looks. That kitten POSES!! Honestly.I need to get my camera back down there.. hopefully I can capture all that cuteness with out breaking my camera.

grumble grumble grumble.

Since CPV is the main vet for the shelter (provides services and medications, etc, at cost or at a very good cost) and they don't want to risk that by upsetting him (he doesn't have the title CPV from me for no reason) I have to follow the proticol and hope it works. I actually hope it doesn't work, but then I have to deal with three weeks of loose stool, cats and kittens not gaining - if not losing weight, etc.

from my limited experience from fostering for several years (not to be discounted - those who have their hands on things learn a lot) I have a feeling the medication will EVENTUALLY fix the problem - since I have a feeling they have an intestinal parasite that is fixed by this particular medication.

it will have nothing to do with the low quality food..

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