Thursday, October 4, 2007

well then

I posted a few days ago about Obbie and Nox, but the post disappeared.

I took them in on Friday the 28th, and they were deamed well enough to be adopted, so I left them there.

Saturday I showed up for their adoption, and they had put them in the room with the cats. Cute and all, but I wasn't thrilled with it. *shrug*

there wasn't much activity around that day. however there was a mom with two daughters looking at Obbie and Nox around noon time. The daughers were thrilled with them.. mostly cause they were the only socialized kittens up for adoption. What was funny was in talking to the mom I found out that the two sister's personalities mirrored Obbie and Nox's and the right sister found the right kitten.. meaning the more outgoing girl loved the more outgoing cat..

She mentioned her husband hated the idea of "buying" a cat. I explained the adoption fees were dramatically less than the outlay of cash for a "free" kitten. That they were tested ($40) vaccinated (~$60) vet checked ($30) and altered ($60-90) and all that for $85.. or two for $150 She called her husband, and that was that. So they were adopted together and right quick.

I wonder if she is starting to regret it now.. :)

what was amusing is that the girls actually wore Obbie out. Toward the end he was just hanging out in her arms exhausted.

(personally annoying - they are going to name them whiskers and - get this - fluffy. Um.. they have the shortest sparsest hair I've ever seen!! lol oh well. As long as they are loved, that is all that I can ask for!)

Fred/George/Ginny are still at the house - absolutely refusing to put on weight. in fact Ginny lost a couple of ounces the other day. I'm sure it is just cause I weighed her before feeding her this time. Come on kids.. EAT!! Fred's eye is much better.. so once they are ready, they'll be ready. I have to wonder if they will be.

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