Saturday, October 6, 2007

Second Session with Animal Communicator

I said I'd post this, and I haven't really wanted to face it again. This second reading was much more vague than the first. Because I got some distinct readings the first time, I still do believe in Animal Communication, I just have to accept that English is no the first language of cats and that they don't think like I do. According to this second reading, they just don't care as much as I think they should - well except Muffin.

I wanted to know how the cats were dealing with Em's passing, how they thought about adding an additional kitten into the mix, and if they had anything else to say.

Ollie - is a sweetie, loves me a lot, not happy that Emmy passed, but feels closer to me and is taking Em's attention now that she's gone. Um.. ok. I guess. Said he didn't want a new kitten in the house, and didn't like the fostering, thought it was disruptive but I've had fosters continually now for years.. ???

Jack - Food not as good I added hearts and gizzards to that batch, and I've gotten the impression before that they don't like it Thought things are better since Em passed since she was acting strangely before she died. and that was uncomfortable. The A/C said he was sweet. has hairballs/was sick to his stomach.

Muffin - anti-kitten! well duh! but I didn't say this to the AC Everything else is ok.

Eli - wants to play more with toys. Might be ok to have a kitten. Wants to play, and just makes muffin MAD! when he tries. doesn't like Tweedle, but no particular reason why. Healthy but bored wants more adventure in his life is this why he's sleeping in the toy basket lately?

Tweedle - would like litterboxes cleaned more often I constantly mention that to DH - his job since I'm allergic to the dust would like more attention, would like to cuddle more, misses Em and thinks things just aren't the same.

She talked to the kitten, who was a typical kitten, no specific answers about us or staying. said she liked things the way they were with her siblings..

I had her talk to Em at that point. She said Em was very relieved and very happy in spirit. So happy that if she had known earlier that she would have been so happy she would have wanted to go earlier. I asked if I waited too long - and the answer was it doesn't matter any more. I asked if she watches us. The answer was vague.. doesn't know specifics, like if we are doing the laundry, but does know about our emotions. but there was no other comments. Not sure how I feel about this... as they are answers that anyone would want to hear, and nothing specific to either Em or myself or anyone else.. which kinda hurt more than anything else.

again, I'm still for A/C.. just don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon

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