Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October is almost over

Isn't it? This is usually my favorite time of year.. I love all the colorful leaves (Yes I'm in New England) and the sweater weather that comes with it.

But this year has been all screwed up. See we went on a trip. DH was sent to AZ for work, and I went along. Funny thing is we went to San Diego first to go to the zoo.. got out of there just in time apparently. So I had the stress of dealing with going, then the stress of going, then the stress of getting back and adjusting back into the time zone..

and now all I can do is miss Em.

The new kitten which I guess we are going to call Tilly, is a comfort.. she's really sweet and freakin adorable, but there are times I just need to have almost 20lbs of cat climb up on me and do the head flippy thing and purr.. and I always knew there would be a time when I would miss having my skin licked off.. and it is now.

There are times I am almost useless for missing her. Which is so odd since it feels like a life time ago that she was put down.. I easily slipped out of the day to day routine of Em.. the testing, the feeding, the injecting.. but the ache is still there. Guess it has been ever since I knew with out a doubt the end was near..

I know Christmas will be hard..


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