Thursday, October 4, 2007


well, I haven't used this blog as a platform before (feel free to correct me if I am wrong)

On another board I frequent, I ran across a post about a woman seeing an injured cat in a busy area (aka not outside someone's home) and how she had seen it several days in a row and felt compelled to help it, and was asking for advice about catching it.

Well OMG.. I just wanted to slap people.. some said that the cat was fine, that she should not capture it but leave it where it is because it would be PTS if she brought it anywhere, some said that the cat was probably owned, and she should check around to make sure it wasn't a beloved pet before trying to do anything to it (Um, it has been injured for days - even if it is owned, it is NOT a beloved pet by any stretch of the imagination) Some tried to convince her the cat was fine, despite the OP saying the cat was obviously injured.

Look, I love cats. Now I'm sure there are people out there more cat crazy than I am, but I'm sure there aren't that many.

however, having had my hand in rescue, I know you can't save them all, and a lot of the time the most humane thing to do is to capture and PTS. If you can capture, rescue, fix, and find a great home for it - all the better, but there are thousands of wonderfully friendly cats in shelters that don't need to be fixed, and they need homes too.

I hate it when people who have no idea of the severity of the problem making comments about how wrong people are to try to help.


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