Thursday, October 4, 2007

The kids

Well this has been an interesting few weeks. Did I mention that Tilly is still at the house? Well Dh has decided she's going to stay... and I totally do not object. She is the freakingly cutest thing on four paws. She looks up at you with those "puss in boots" eyes from Shrek. She carries things around in her mouth and brings them to you to play with her with.. Coming up with an appropriate name hasn't been easy. She never did seem to like Tilly.. so we'll see.

However this has spured problems with the resident cats. Muffin is very edgy.. hisses all the time at everyone. Her acne is acting up too. She had a few bumps on her chin, that seemed to swell up, so I put her on some clavamox. Tweedle has taken to annoying her for the sport of it too - so now Muff has to put up with Eli and Twee.. and she doesn't much like the kitten either, so she's just not all that happy. I'm trying some of Ollie's happy pills on her hopefully that will mellow her out.

Tweedle got into a scuffle lately too - had a scratch on her chin. Ollie has been looking a little ragged too... Nothing specific yet.. just a feeling. Jack has been sending me stronger feelings though. again, nothing specific outside of his bad ears, just the feeling that he's not doing well. I think when I get back from our trip I'll take them in for a once over and blood work for Jack and Ollie.

We've also got massive fleas.. ok that isn't true.. we have about 10 fleas, but I can't seem to get rid of them. it is annoying.

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