Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Final Foster Update

Well the last of the fosters (sorta) went back on the 11th. Right after I came home, packed, and headed off on vacation. We had someone who I know via the shelter come and house sit for the cats. Fred and George and Ginny were neutered on Friday, and went up for adoption that weekend. I haven't checked in on them, because I know they were probably gone the day they went up, and if perchance they weren't, they went in the week that followed.

I hope they are well.

Tilly is still at the house. She has wormed her way in, and as soon as we get her neutered she'll be a resident at casa de gato.

I haven't had the heart to get new fosters at this point. I'm kinda blue about Em right now (see previous post) and I'm still settling back into my life from said trip. I know all too soon I'll be missing the pitter patter of little kitten feet, but right now I think I was overloaded with the last set. I took them too soon, and dealing with Obbie (I can't believe the new owner is calling him fluffy.. *rolls eyes*) I'm drained..

Soon. WAY too soon if I know me :D

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