Wednesday, February 11, 2009

one step forward, two back

So this weekend we seemed to make signifigant progress with Happiness and Joy. Both of them were at the front of the cage wanting to interact with me. They did not shy away when I opened the cage and when I reached for them. I was so thrilled!

But Sunday I realized that Joy's face was NOT getting better, so I brought her into the shelter on Monday. Monday morning I guess they knew something was up, because they both cowered from me. I scooped them up and got them in the box, and off they went to the shelter where they went to the vet. They wanted to biopsy Joy's nose, and so they kept them over night. I got them yesterday. They spayed them to boot.

Joy has four stitches in her nose. I only found out this morning because when I got them home last night, she bolted out of the carrier (very bold for her) and ran to get into the cage. I hadn't opened the door because I had planned on looking her over and making note of how her incision looked, so she was cowered next to it. I opened the door up for her and she bolted in and hid.

I got a look at Happy. She was also quite timid and fearful. But she sniffed around her dinner bowls, so I fed them and left them alone for the night.

This morning all the food and water was gone, so I refilled them, and brought both out to be examined and for their dose of buprenex. Neither one reacted too much to it, which was nice. Joy purred and shook at the same time.. so not sure what is going on.. Happy refused to raise her ears the whole time I held her.. finding them a new home is going to be so difficult on them... and if Joy has Eosinophilic Granuloma, it is going to be even more difficult to find someone to take them. I hope it is just a fungus of some sort..

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