Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photo Hunts - Bridges

This one ranks up there with chipped :) But.. I build bridges all the time with kittens just entering this world and learning about the love of a good human.. so ..

My entry: Building Bridges!

and my kitties burns their bridges all the time :) I'm usually yelling at them not taking their photo though. This one says a lot though...


  1. I like your helping hand "bridge"! And I love the expression on the second kitty! What an attidude!

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    The first kitten is so tiny and innocent. The cat in the second photo is really steamed about something. He/She reminds me of our late feline friend, Fluffy, who demanded verbal apologies before his "tude" would disappear.

    Nice take on this week's theme.
    You can find my Photo Hunt here:

    JyLnC's Photo Hunt

  3. i love how the bottom kitty's little paws are crossed - like "don't even TRY to mess with me" awesome!!!


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