Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weird stuff cats eat

My cats... they are a weird.

the other day I found some baby cookies (human) that were on clearance for very little money, that had good calorie stats, and were banana flavored. I thought what the heck. (actually they are pretty good)

I pulled some out last night, and Jack decided he *HAD TO HAVE IT!!!*

Jack has a horrific scream. ear piercing. Nails on chalk board kind of screams.. so I usually let him sniff what ever he's decided he wants. more times than not it gets a sniff and he walks away - temporarily - giving me enough time to eat what I'm trying to eat.

Well he decided that he had to rub his lips all over the cookie and give it a lick. Now since Jack suffers with crystals when he has too many carbs, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of his eating the cookie, but I couldn't imagine he would. So I let him take it.

Well with all the fussing, Fluerp came over to see what was being doled out. When the cookie hit the floor she shoved Jack out of the way and started nuzzling it. I couldn't believe either cat would actually eat it.. I mean it was basically a banana flavored cracker for goodness sake!!

Well moments later Fleurp walked away licking her lips, and no cookie remained on the floor.

Guess that will teach me to assume cats won't eat things when there is a Fleurp involved..

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  1. that's hilarious!!!!

    my cats hate the smell of bananas - i like to torture them when i eat them

    on the other hand - they (well at least Kohana - the calico) LOVED the paczki we had yesterday. I had to tear off a little bit for her so she would leave me the hell alone lol


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