Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome back Boots

Wednesday we took in my husband's aunt's cat Boots. We cat sat for him last year. Last year I had kittens in my kitten room, so we put him in the office. He's loud and pretty much made a pest of himself there last year, so this year we cleaned out the kitten room and he's in there.

Which is nice for him, it's big and there is a nice comfy couch to lay on, and big windows with window seats in front of them for watching the birds play in the snow.

Its nice for me, cause I got to sleep through the night.

But *hangs head* he's so far away I don't want to go spend any time with him.

Hey, he's only been here a short time, I shouldn't feel that guilty.

and for those of you who remember him from last year, no, my aunt did not keep him on the limited ingredient food, and yes, the scabs on his body are back. And since he is front paw declawed, his back claws are horrendously long again.. *sigh* I wonder if they ever got clipped during the past year.

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