Friday, February 27, 2009

dropping them off..

So I went to the shelter last night, to drop off Happiness and Joy. It was so hard on me. The shy kittens always are hard on me.

I psyched myself up to do it, telling myself not even to think about it when I got home to pack them up. They hate the carrier. They know nothing good comes from the carrier. I grabbed them, gave them a little cuddle, put them in the carrier, grabbed the towel they were sleeping on, the cubby they hang out in, and their medicines and off I went.

They were VERY quiet in the car ride.

I got there, and they were huddled in the back of the carrier trying to be invisiable. The shelter manager help me set up their cage with their cubby and towel, and we put Joy in. Since they needed boosters, I kept Happy, and went to the back room with her she took her medicine like a champ. A scared little "this is not happening" champ. I put her in the top level of the cage and took out Joy. She too took her meds like a champ. When I was done with Joy, I noticed Happy hadn't moved. She was hunkered down on the towel trying to hide behind a slight fold. So broke my heart. I put Joy in with her, and Joy snuggled right up to her and tried to hide behind the same fold. They refused to move except to make the other more comfortable. Finally I couldn't watch it any more, and moved them down to the lower level so they could hide properly in the cubby.

I kept trying to tell them it would be ok, and that this was a good thing. How they would find their furever home and be able to sleep in a real bed, etc. After a while I knew I was talking more to convince myself that things would be ok. *hangs head* Yes, I am that kind of crazy cat lady.

Right before I left, I took one more look at them, and was a little heart warmed in the fact that while they were still hiding in the cubby, Happiness was actually looking out of the cubby taking in her surroundings. Much improvement from *MUST BE INVISABLE!*

The office totally needs to be cleaned, and sanitized. it stinks from litter that should have been cleaned out the day before they left, and cans that need to be recycled.. I need to dismantle the cage, and open up the door so my own cats can reclaim their territory. Poor Fleurp probably doesn't even remember what is in that room :)

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  1. awwwww -poor kittens - you are such a good foster furmommy


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