Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saying goodbye

Well it looks like Thursday is the day that Happiness and Joy are going to go back to the shelter *sob*

I know I can't keep them, but I always fear for the ferals. Will the new owners understand the unique needs of such kitties? Will they appreciate the joy of one of these kitties simply looking at you and purring, and what a mile stone that is? The shelter they go to is good, they will understand and explain, but it doesn't stop me from thinking about them.

Several years ago I had some ferals over Christmas. Two little black kitties who took a ton of work to get out of their shell. They were still reserved when they went back to the shelter, and the people who adopted them were people who came to the shelter when I had my previous set of kittens up for adoption who wanted to separate a bonded pair. We turned them down and they left in a huff, only to come back and take these two little scared kittens. I think of them often, because originally they were so adamant that they knew what they were doing, even though they thought nothing of separating a bonded pair. (among other arrogances) This time they were quite contrite, they listened and agreed with all the suggestions. And part of me always wondered if they just said yes to get the kittens, maybe with the intent of sharing the partner with a friend or family member. I asked the manager to call them personally to check up on them. I never did hear what the outcome of that was, but I felt better having asked.

I love the ferals and the undersocilized. I love winning their trust, and getting them to choose to love you. but there are a few who while they make that leap of faith, still keep one paw in the "reserved" category that break my heart when I have to let them go and leave them to face their new families all alone.

They are special. I pray that they find a home that recognizes it.

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