Monday, February 16, 2009

set back

Since H & J were doing so well, I asked the shelter if they thought they should stay with me for J's 3 weeks of pred. Since she's easy to pill, the shelter thought they could come back any time for adoption. I'm sad at that thought, but I went in to give J her pill and start saying goodbye.

I looked at Happy's belly and noticed there was a lot of extra glue and the incision looked a little wonky, so I tried to pull a little of the extra glue off her tummy. She growled at me. I immediately stopped and looked at her, and she looked hurt. I said I was sorry, and asked her if that hurt (like I was expecting a reply) I said I'm going to try again, if it hurts again growl again.. and I very gently touched her tummy in several different spots, and then in that spot and she growled again.

So I was bummed that she's got something going wrong, but I let her down to play some more. I picked up Joy to medicate her and look at her tummy and everything seemed to be healing just fine.. no excess glue, incision looked like it was healing well, so I medicated her then went to give her tummy a kiss, and that is when I saw a superball sized protrusion from her incision.. great.. another hernia.

what is it with my foster kittens and hernias lately? they have been done at different clinics. Some came back home with me, some went straight back to the shelter.. I don't get it..

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