Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I gave "Peter" a bath.  I got a few of the darker spots out, but I fear there are some up around his ears that will have to be cut out.

He is very fearful of me when I am not touching him, but once I have him in my hands he starts purring and becomes quite relaxed.  Even the bath wasn't the event I thought it was going to be. He didn't much like it when I put him on his back and tried to get the back of his head under the water, but it was more his ears.  Once I made sure he knew that water wasn't going to get in there, he relaxed.  He isn't a fan of water, as he headed out of the sink when ever I let go of him, but not as quickly as you might think.  More of a slinking out of the sink then a bolt.  He was so good when I wrapped him up in a towel... almost to the point where I started to get concerned.  Kittens who are too pliant are often not feeling well.

He ate most of the second helping of hamburg I gave him last night, but didn't touch the dry or the canned, so I opened up a can of AD and was going to force feed him, but once he smelled the AD, he perked right up and was very interested.  he ate a few bits on his own, but I wanted to make sure he got something, so I mixed some with water and gave him about 20 ccs of it.  He was very interested in eating on his own though, so I put some more straight AD in a bowl and he started eating.  He then tried to eat the dried up hamburg that was left over, so I picked up the bowl and left him with the AD.  He was so disappointed that I took the hamburg away, I had to give him a little of the crew's raw.  Hopefully he's munching down on one of them and filling up his tummy.  He's just so skinny

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  1. Poor Peter. That's rough. I really hope your care will help him grow up into a confident adult. No animal should have to go through that, least of all a baby.


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