Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Saturday

Another five cat morning. It really is amazing that they come together to share so well while I'm sleeping. 

catching up on Twitter this morning,  Catladyland linked to Cat vs Human and a really cute cartoon about dog vs cats in emergencies.  in that Claire commented "Cat to the face cures many ailments, sadly not chronic laziness."

It made me giggle pretty hard seeing how many kitties I had to the face this morning, and how it made me really not want to get out of bed.

Fleurp thought she'd bring me a toy this morning. Was really funny to watch her drag it in.  She did drag it in last night, but as soon as she got it into the bedroom she dragged it right back out.  not sure if it was because Twee was following her around enjoying the movment of the toy or not.  (while I was writing this post, Twee grabbed the stick part of the toy and ran out of the bedroom with it followed by Skippy)

But then we opened the blinds, and once again Fleurp is facinated by the falling snow.  She loved it last year, and it looks like this year is going to be no different.  I'm quite curious what she'd think of it if she could get her paw in it.  Maybe one day I'll let her out on the enclosed porch while it is snowing and see.. maybe not as I don't much like the cold.

Jack got annoyed that Twee and Fleurp was getting all the attention, so I let him play model for a while, he was very appreciative.

Kit came and joined in on the snow watching.

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  1. Precious photos of your gorgeous babies...Happy weekend and stay warm, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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