Saturday, December 25, 2010

Peace on Earth

Well we have some pretty big developments in the world of Peter.

Yesterday I went into their bathroom and it was immediately very obvious in several different ways that the room was just too small for them.  I was reluctant to put them down in the kitten room because it gets so cold in the winter, but I took the heater and put it right in front of the window to combat the cold air coming off it, and after a few hours it was warm enough.  So I brought them down.  Peter immediately went and hid under the couch, which I was expecting, and Tinsel started exploring the room having a grand ol time.  I sat for a while to see what they'd do, and much sooner then I expected Peter came out to explore.  He stuck the side of the room, and ventured out only when the carrier was close enough for him to stick to.  I was horribly impressed at his bravery and told him so.

My sister then showed up with her two boys.  B is 12 S is 7.  B is very gentle and respectful of kittens, S is not.  I was a little concerned about Peter, but I told the boys to not chase the kittens and let them run away if they wanted.  I figured they wouldn't even see Peter, but when they came up a few minutes later B said that Peter crawled up in his lap!!!!

they went back down a while later, and we warned them not to let the kittens escape, but it is all too easy with two little boys and one wild and willful kitten.  Tinsel apparently escaped but B was able to catch him.  In the bedlam, they "lost" Peter.  He ended up crawling into a cubby hole and I found him right away.

I went and checked on them a while later and found them both on the cat litter box box.  It was the first time I saw them sitting touching one another.

After dinner I went and sat with them for a while.  Tinsel immediately jumped on my lap and snuggled.  Peter worked his way up to it.  Slowly thinking about coming up, working his way around - I'm not sure if he was trying to be subtle or what.  But he made it on to the couch and worked his way up to where Tinsel was and we all snuggled and watched a bit of a movie.

I can be a brave boy if I need to!

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  1. This is great news - the little guy is coming around!


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