Thursday, December 2, 2010


Maxie was the first of the litter to leave the nest, and she hasn’t stopped exploring her world since.  She has no fear, no reserve, the world is her playground.  She is incredibly loving and sweet, and loves rubbing against your ankles as well as getting up close for some love.  You most likely will never spend time alone again once you adopt her unless she goes home with a sibling to distract her.

The down side to all of this is that she is constantly under foot and could be a trip hazard.  She did just fine when meeting a large group of kids, and should have almost no problem adjusting to anything new thrown her way.  She does enjoy chewing on fingers and toes though.  For the most part it does not hurt, but it can.

Raven is a very outgoing kitten.  She is very loving and sweet.  She is pretty much your stereotypical kitten.  She and Poe look a lot a like, but Raven’s fur is slightly longer, and she has a few white hairs on her chest.

She met a large group of kids at Thanksgiving and did just fine adjusting to them.  I want to write volumes on her because she is such a good kitty, but it is all very typical kitten stuff.  She is what you would think of when you think kitten.

Maru was the last to leave the nest, even though she really wanted to play with her siblings. She is a cautious kitty, who does not adjust to new situations as quickly as others, so she will need an owner who is willing to work with her personality quirks.  She loves to play with fishing pole type toys, bat at balls, and wrestle with her siblings.  She doesn’t like it when you go straight at her, so she might not do well with young children who might chase her.  Because of this it would be best if she were adopted to be an indoor only kitty.

Poe is a reserved kitty, one who is very cautious about the world around her.  She enjoys interaction on her terms, and liked crawling up under the blanket when her care taker would sit with her.  She likes playing with fishing pole type toys and ambush attacking her siblings.  She might do better in a home if she goes home with a second kitten.

When  she met a large group of children she hid.  It takes her a while to adjust to new situations, so it would be best if she were set up in only one room or even one small area of a room to help her get used to her new home.  She runs when you go straight at her, so she would probably do best in a home with out young kids.  Because of her personality, it would be best if she were adopted to be an indoor only kitty.

Kif is the only male of his litter.  He enjoys showing off, and “hunting” toys and wrestling his siblings.  He likes to run and play, and does not like to be contained.  He is starting to seek out attention, so long as he is not held and prevented from moving on if something catches his attention.  He is a bit cautious of new situations.  When introduced to a large group of kids, he hid, and does not like it when someone goes straight at him.  Because of his caution around new situations, it would probably be best to set him up in one room of your home to help him get used to his new home.  It would probably be in his best interest to be adopted to be an indoor only kitty.

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