Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kittens are home

I called to check on them around four, and they weren't all done.  What on earth was that vet doing all day, it was just the five of them and one other last night!!  *sigh* I guess emergencies happen.  I was told to call back at 6 as they close at seven.  Fortunately they were done, and I was able to pick them up.  They were loving and active.  I took a look at all of their incisions.  Maxie's was a little protruding, but the rest looked really good.  They found the dry food, and went to chow.  So I opened up some cans of food, and they ate them right up (I have video, I'll up load it soon)

I'm glad they are here, as I had a death in my family.  Kittens are always good for the soul, but are particularly good at distraction from the sadness.  And I really didn't need to worry about them locked at the clinic another night.

I'm going to bring them in Friday morning and they'll be put right up for adoption providing they don't break with an illness.  They did start sneezing after their trip in to the shelter but that seemed to have ended prior to their going in.  Stress can bring it back, so if it gets bad they'll stay here for a while.

Kitten season has just about ended.  There are no kittens up for adoption at the moment, and none waiting to get into foster care, so this might be it for the bitty kitty updates till spring.  They do come in, but usually the staff is able to take care of them.  Some years I get kitten fever in the dead of winter and I go in begging for kittens.  Sometimes they get more kittens then the staff can handle and I get a call.

I saw a posting that a different shelter in the area would like a foster home for some bunnies. I so totally wish I could do that.  I really miss having a bunny, but I fear what bringing a bunny into this house could mean.  Skippy really loved Bri, and he might love another, but I do believe he is a carrier for bartonella, which he passed on to Bri.

We'll see what the next few weeks brings us. 

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  1. We're glad everyone is doing well.

    Our deepest condolences to your family on their loss.


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