Monday, December 13, 2010

well stocked

I went to the shelter today.  They had their open house on Saturday (ended before I got back into town) and I love seeing the place well stocked.  It looks like they had a good turn out, because there was a lot of everything, and there was even overflow.  It is really nice to see, but it is a little sad to know that in just a few weeks it will all be gone.

I poked around a little. There was a cage full of five older kittens.  Friendly little sots, all vying for attention.  They'll get snapped right up. There was only one other cage with a kitty in it.  Poor little 8 week old boy who was found after he had apparently fallen into a vat of cooking oil.  Determined by the smell and the state of him.  He is all fur and bones, so I can imagine he was trying to get a little something to eat and got more then he bargained for.  He had already had two baths, and it was still not looking good for him.  He still smelled and looked pretty dirty.


 Yup, I snagged him and brought him home.  He is very freaked out by everything, so he's just hunkering down and trying to avoid everything.  He likes being patted, and he starts to purr, but he does keep eying me when I try to get him to eat.  He was not all that interested in kitten food, but he did enjoy a bit of the hamburger I brought home.

 This is his second plate of meat.  I checked his litter box when I was at the shelter and he had a firm stool, but he defecated in the carrier and it was soft and smelly.  Hopefully that is just a case of the squirts because I hate diarrhea.
He's hanging out in the bathroom as opposed to the kitten room because the kitten room gets cold, and he's going to need at least one more bath, and I thought it would be easier for him to not have to walk through the house.  He seems to really want to cuddle, but I don't really want to get that close to him until he's had another bath.  Yes, that's mean.  It shouldn't matter that he stinks and has some poop on him, but I'm still exhausted from the trip and I'm dealing with a cold and I just didn't have the energy to make sure I cuddled him and didn't get covered in debris.

Not sure what to call him.  I'm totally open to suggestions.  I figure I'll have him past Christmas, so a Christmas name doesn't seem right.  I was thinking Noel - as I have a cousin with that name but it is probably too Christmasy.  Then I was thinking Tiny Tim, but again too Christmasy. TT's brother is Peter, so currently that is what he is being called, but I doubt it will stay that way.


  1. What a sad, pathetic little guy!

    My human suggested calling him "Wesson" - she thinks that is funny. I think it is a little bit mean. I'm sure you will come up with something better.

  2. Ah, he is so sweet looking! We thought of the name Oleo because we think it sounds pretty.

  3. The poor little sweetheart! You could always wrap him in a towel and cuddle him that way, before you bathe him. Oh my goodness, the mom's heart is breaking. Lots of purrs and Light to this little guy.


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