Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where's Peter??

 He was no where to be seen this morning.. Where's Peter??
 The raw is gone, but the rest of the food was untouched...
There he is.. he threw himself away!!

Silly boy.  I think he looks a little better in this photo though (despite the trashcan background) I was able to get some of the oil off him, but not all of it.  I plan on waiting quite a bit before giving him another, but that isn't set in stone.  When looking at his feet and ankles, I noticed his skin was rather raw looking and even had a speck of blood.  I can only imagine what he went through.

After the bath, we had a little cuddle time, and he made biscuits and even let me pat his tummy!!  I can't quite understand why I'm scary as all get out when I'm not touching him, but the second I do, I'm the bees knees.  I try not to force shy kittens out of their hidey holes, but I had to take him out of the carrier twice since he's been here, which is why I think he relocated to the trash can.  When I picked it up to check if he was in there he meowed quite pitifully, so I put it right back down.  When I put the camera in front of the can, he meowed again.  I think he's ready to be left alone for a bit.  I'll try enticement tonight to get him to come out on his own.  I've got chicken and a feathered toy.. one or the other surely will work.

I think he knows he's in a good place, but he's not quite ready to get over the fear he's been living with that has been keeping him safe.

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  1. Hi Connie, thank you for visiting me today and leaving your comment. I love the idea of decorating the tree with cat toys :-) I'm following your blog now and look forward to reading all your adventures!

    If little Pete is still oily, I have a suggestion. I used to do hot oil treatments on my hair years ago and I was told to put the shampoo on first and work it in before adding the water. If you go with water first (as is natural) and then add shampoo you will have a VERY hard time getting the oil out. So on his particularly oily bits lather him with just shampoo then rinse afterwards, it should help :-)


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