Friday, June 21, 2013

No Name Kitties / The story on Scotty

Yup, I am severely lacking in my naming duties.. I am still calling the solid black female kitty "Adele" because she annoys me in her repetitive and seemingly never ending screeching meow.  (come on, who here really likes the end of "Rumor has It"?)

But the frosted boy and girl are simply 'boy' and 'girl'  I soooo need to do something for them, I'm starting to feel bad. I also don't really know their personalities because they spent the first half of their time here at Casa de Gato afraid of me and sick.. they have only just recently started to blossom into house kitties.

Adele purrs like a banshee when I put a hand on her, so does the boy.. The girl is a bit more reluctant but will allow me to coax her into a purr or a belly rub.

Girl - she so wishes the pawpurrazzi would go away
Sis, if you come out and let her take your picture she'll stop.. 
I'm out, what, that's not good enough, I have to LOOK at you?? 
Fine, NOW will you go away??
I stopped by the shelter last night and found out what happened to Scotty.  A different shelter worker, not the one I had been talking to about him, saw him sitting in his cage and felt sorry that he was all alone.  Instead of asking what the story was with him, she just took him home.  *sigh* and she did not bring him back today *double sigh*  I tried to make her go home and get him for me, but I think she thought I was joking (OK fine, maybe I was a little.. but I would have been very happy if she had gone and gotten him for me).  It looks like he is going to be spending time at 'sleep away camp' and I won't be able to get him back until Sunday :(  I'm so not happy about this.. but it is a selfish thing. I'm sure he is doing just fine where he is. I just miss him and I bet Trevor does as well.

Speaking of which.. your Gratuitous Trevor Pict..

what.. did you think I would leave Odilia out??


  1. Just a suggestion... when my human was a teen, she had a frosted black kitty that she loved a lot, but did not have for very long. It was back in the days when most people let their cats outside and he was killed by a car before he was even two. His name was Keith. Maybe you could name the boy that.

  2. Am a little surprised Scotty was brought home and then not brought back the next day. What if he needed to see the vet today? Hopefully there's someone competent looking after him at home.

  3. We're surprised Scotty didn't come back, since all of his "stuff" was in his cage. Did the shelter worker let you know whether he's continuing to improve?

  4. That's a bit naught to take Scotty like that and not bring him back,My old cat looked just like the boy and he was called Smokey you could use that if you like. The Kittens all look adorable as ever,xx Rachel

  5. I like Sparkle's suggestion of Keith! Those eyes are just too cute.

  6. ah the joy of "communication" least you know where he is - though we suspect Trevor misses him too....

    I have to admit, every time I hear Adele as a name I think of James Bond.... :)

  7. We want Scotty!

    Girl should have a "T" name, so if you go with Keith the initials will spell K-A-T!

  8. Hope that Scotty is improving...and I hope communication improves too! Those black little nuggets are adorable!!! I hear you about naming...sometimes I just can't come up with them! Paws crossed for Scotty!

  9. My dad was called Keith! A very noble name lol. Thanks for the gratuitous shots :)

  10. We love seeing those itty bitty babies. Purrsonally, we like Boy and Girl. ;) But we know you will come up with good names.

    And the mom LOL'ed about your Adele crack.

  11. I don't how you manage to anything with all those kittens in the house....they are all so freaking adorable!
    Hope Scotty comes back soon.

  12. Such cute little kitties. We hope Scotty is okay.

  13. OH! MomKatt says she'd have been upset too re: Scotty! I hope he gets back to you tomorrow. She says she KNOWS that no one can care for her fosters like SHE can, so she gets you being annoyed/upset 100%!

    And the black kittens are adorable! Hi & meowlo to all!



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