Thursday, June 6, 2013


I thought I'd share a little bit of what I am dealing with on a daily basis right now..

Do not let the above image frighten you, but if you have kitties near by that are sensitive to kittens vocalizing, you might not want to play this..

Eating.  They are getting raw.  The 'spitters' (I so need a new name for them) are still having less then ideal stools, so I'm giving them this to settle their digestive tracts.  It is working very nicely.

and play time

Odilia has learned to climb, which is oh so cute.  No fear on that one.  I was watching her on the webcam yesterday and shared a video on facebook (you should be able to watch that video with out being a member) of her on top of the climbing tube we have.  Last night after the play session she climbed up the tube again and sat there all proud.  I asked her how she intended to get down this time.  She turned her face to me, then looked away and simply launched herself off the tube and landed perfectly on the ground.  That girl.. she has SPUNK!!

(when looking at the screen shots for the videos before they were uploaded, my husband said that I needed to make a meme of the screen grab it gave me.  so I is below)


  1. Odilia apparently thinks you have tasty toes! At first when I saw the wand toy, I was thinking, "Wouldn't it be better for her if it had a bell attached?" But you know what? Odilia don't need no stinkin' bell! She is doing just fine hearing it on the floor... and even apparently, on your leg!

    1. Yup! That's our Odilia! SuperKitten!!

  2. I had to laugh at Odilia's little toe licking break. What a cutie pie. And I just noticed the white bit on Trevor's ear. Nice!
    Are you able to tell the Spitters apart yet?

  3. So what you're dealing with on a daily basis is unbelievable cuteness with a side of sass?

    What the heck is on your toes anyway? I kept waiting for Odi to let Scotty have it for snitching what was left of her dinner. I imagine it happened after you stopped filming because you KNOW she knew he did it. Are you sure she can't see?

  4. OMC, I can't imagine how you can endure the cuteness.

    That little black one in the first video is going to be a handful. LOL. And yes, Odilia doing the toe-lick routine made me burst out laughing. Actually, I was dreaming of Odilia last night, which goes to prove that I'm spending way too much time on-line, looking at blogs. :-D

  5. Great videos! I waz framed is a total LOL!!!

  6. Boy, the eyes of the black kitten just kill me. So cute!

  7. love those little guys - all "halp halp" :)

    Good job are growing into a big independent girl!!

  8. Oh I enjoyed the video! Odilia is such a brave girl! Great job climbing and getting down by herself :-)

  9. fab videos Connie,thats a lot of work all those kittens but fun too!

  10. Thank COD our mom turned the computer volume down after those screeching banshee kittens woke us all from our naps. Giulietta did get up and went to the computer to investigate just as the playtime/toe kissing video came on. She's now waiting for another to watch. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  11. Loved how that little banshee screamer quieted down to eat.

    Odilia is gonna be a little terror, but a lot of fun.

  12. I had to laugh at the little black kitten - he/she stops yelling as soon as the food gets set down.

    Odilia is amazing, I love how she can track the toy, she's going to make someone very happy. And little Trevor is adorable!

    Thanks for sharing the videos!

  13. Noms and play time! Life is good!
    I want to know: what are you toesies tasting like?

  14. Anonymous4:17 AM

    You wouldn't know she's blind if you see her play!


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