Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shooting at the Shelter pt 2

This shelter also has a community room.  I remember eons ago when I adopted Tig, this room had two large cages in it with an walkway in the middle for you to go and view the kitties and enter them.  They kept the boys on the right and the girls on the left.

My how far shelters have come..

Anyway, I walked in and I only saw the kitty that is in the lower right portion of that photo.. (did you see the kitty in the window??) She (and I'm guessing as you'll find out later) came out to see me, and was attention seeking and was totally willing to pose for me.. I got some kisses and some head butts and she was really sweet to me..

Then I noticed the kitty in the window who came and sat down for a visit.  These kitties have access to the outside which I find not only refreshing but a little odd.  What if I was in the mood to adopt a kitty just like him and he didn't feel like coming inside?  But hey, I'm sure he will recognize his people when they show up..

So then I asked Miss Sociable if they were the only two kitties in there.. I would have asked Mr Handsome, but he had other ideas..

another view of the outside area.
Turns out there were several other cats in that room.  One was sleeping right next to the window.. I am pretty sure I only saw it simply because it chose to open it's eyes..

Then Miss Sociable walked to the other side of the room mewing at me..

I had NO idea what she wanted, but she kept mewing.. So I looked around..

Just as I discovered these two (the calico was in the green box you see in the above shot) a mother and child walked in.  The child was younger maybe around 10, but sadly I have no recollection if it was a boy or a girl.. They were behind me when I heard the mom call Miss Sociable older looking and a moment or two later said, not that one it swipes.  I was a little surprised, because I had just been kissing her forehead and getting head bumps..   The mom and child soon left the room - most likely because they didn't see any more kitties and went on to look at the rabbits in the next room.  I went back over to her - this time she was on the big post that was in the middle of the room.  I offered her a pat and she took it kindly and then posed for me again.

Both Yellow and Purple make her look good.. 
after a bit more loving she got up to move and I tried to get a look at if she was a she or a he.. at which point I was introduced to the "that is SOO RUDE!" attitude.. and she tried to introduce me to these..

Yes,  I TOTALLY wanted to trim those, but I didn't have a nail trimmer on me (I can't believe I go anywhere with out them) and frankly at this point she was all "you people are rude" and it would have been totally the wrong time to attempt it..   Now that I'm on a computer, I found out that Miss Sociable is in fact a girl and is named Friday.. I can't tell you how much I love that..

I went and saw the bunnies which were uber cute and totally made me want to adopt another..and then I called it a day and went about my business.. I was there for maybe an hour.. I got some beautiful photos.. and spent some time with three wonderful cats.. I have to say, I so totally hope they have all been adopted by now..


  1. I so understand the need to want to trim those claws...
    The community room is beautiful and I like that the cats have access to the confined outdoors. Maybe it's to allow for viewing from the outside?

  2. that's lovely room for those kitties and those claws definately due for a trim

  3. just read both take such GREAT pictures :) And I love the community room - though you are right that what happens if you are looking and there are no cats and no person around to help. But still.....

  4. These are really nice kitty photos! But oh, those claws - my human always wants to pull out the clippers when she sees photos like that one.

  5. What great looking kitties! We purr that they find forever homes soon!

  6. Manicures needed! I love that community room....I wish the shelter I volunteer at had one....not to mention more light and fresh air. Lovely post and how nice of you to visit those cats!

  7. Gosh ~ so many sweet kitties! That is one cool kitty room.
    xo Catherine

  8. Amazing how many kitties were actually in that room. all of them were sure good hiders, except for Miss Friday. They must have elected her as official greeter kitty. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  9. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I think the place looks great. Muhc better then what we have here in holland.


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