Thursday, June 20, 2013

Free product from in exchange for an honest review.

Mom, when do we get to be on the blog again??
Well buddy, I've got just the thing for you.. You see the other day I was contacted by and they asked us if we would like to review some treats on my blog.  Being horribly picky about what I'm feeding you these days I wasn't sure I was going to be able to participate, but I checked to see what they had to offer (in exchange for an honest review)

I was offered one of the following
  • Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats
  • Fromm Grain Free Dog Biscuits
  • Natural Balance Perfect Bites Cat Treats
Well at least there was one thing that was cat related - being sent to a cat blog.. (the email says he enjoys reading my blog.  Um.. then why offer the dog treats?? and why offer me Fromm??) 

Natural Balance was out due to the ingredients.  Fromm was out too.  So I looked into Orijen.  I was less than thrilled at their cat food, even though everything is sourced local which I love the sound of. They only make a dry cat food and it has 25 different plant based ingredients in it.. but I wasn't offered the cat food, I was offered the freeze dried treats.. 

Their treats are not single ingredient treats, like the freeze dried chicken breast that Halo makes (well frig!  Halo isn't single ingredient either.. they use a 'marinade' which also includes carrageenan *grrr*)  They have multiple ingredients, but they are all very simple ingredient list.  The duck was simply duck liver and boneless duck.  I figured this was safe for my crew as there were no plants in it or other questionable ingredients. For fun I also sent an email into Orijen asking if they feel their treats are acceptable for other pets and not just dogs.  They replied saying they were - which made me wonder why they were labeled as they were.. but then again, I'm not all that shocked by it, dogs get all the attention in most companies.

So I replied to Andrew, and said I'd like to try the duck treats.  Well those things showed up so fast I actually didn't realize they were here because I had ordered something else for Father's Day and was expecting that, so I just put it off to the side for a few days with out even looking at it.

When I finally got to the box, The Crew was THRILLED! They always love treat time.. 

Fleurp really loves the paper they pack with
The front of the package, no idea why there is a green sticker on it.. 
back of the package, again, no idea why there was a sticker on there that was then removed
Made in Canada..  it isn't made in China like Catswell.. 
the treats - they are two different colors
Those are my fingernails.. they made the package semi see through.. 
Fleurp took hers and ran off with it.
There were no more pictures, because they ate them down so fast and were back asking for more before I could pick up the camera.. It was fun to be able to give them treats that I didn't have to worry about.

(btw, Muffin is all over me as I am typing up this post.. I have a feeling she hears me thinking "treat" and is so hoping I will give her some.. Muff, if you aren't careful you are going to suffocate me!!) 

So Andrew, and, The Crew thanks you from the bottom of their furry behinds for thinking of us and sending such yummy yummy treats.  I want to thank Orijen for making them and implore them to consider making a canned cat food (preferably with fewer plant based ingredients since cats lack the digestive enzymes to properly digest plants)

Mom, can I have some more of those.. ~Jack
Me too! ~Eli
Me Too! ~Muffin
ME TOO! ~Fleurp
Me too! ~ Skippy
me too!! ~Kit

What? ~Twee

PS.  Andrew at Chewy contacted me today and said my post sounded like I was offended by his offerings.  On first blush I would say I was put off by his selections not so much for the selections themselves, but by the first blush appearance that while he said he reads my blog he would offer things that are so contraindicated to it.  After getting a string of emails from people who are simply wanting things from me and saying they are fans - but are obviously not by what they offer - I guess I did very poorly express my self above.  My first thought was why weren't they offering me something that was more in line with my blog, but after doing some research and reading and looking into what he was offering, I found a brand new product that I adore.  So by their doing something a little unexpected and my not immediately just brushing it all off as offensive, I found a wonderful new product for my cats.

My intention is never to judge a book by its cover.  It was my intention to convey that.. if I failed, I am sorry.


  1. We can't wait for the Orijen freeze dried to get to our shores! We LOVE the freeze dried that Mommy orders from Nip and Bones. They are our favorite commercial treat!

  2. DARNIT! You kitties have a WAY smarter human than mine. I mean, I liked the chicken treats from Natural Balance okay, but if only she had done her research like your human did, I could have had those even awesomer duck treats! I give my human a big paws down.

  3. Wow, sounds like a win! Our gang typically likes freeze-dried treats (like chicken breast or hearts), so I'd bet they'd be a hit here too.

  4. huh.....that is something to think about. we may have to consider some duck treats :)

  5. With a dog and cats in the house who all love treats, this sounds like it would be a hit here! (BTW, how is Mr. Jack doing?)

    1. Jack has an appointment with Dr G. He started peeing blood again recently when I tried to wean him off the herbs.. I need to see if we can do anything else for him.

  6. Great review! We were recedntly contacted too (Annie's review will be posted tomorrow), and I went straight for the cat treats just assuming anything that for dogs was out of the question. Good for you being so much more thorough. Fleurp is so cute sitting on the package. :)

  7. We got the Natural Balance treats to review...but now we wish we had asked for these duck treats.

  8. That was a very honest review! We also went straight for the cat treats; not being smart like you and researching each of them. One of our other treats - the Whole Life Freeze Dried Treats - is the exact same thing for both cats and dogs, but the dogs get bigger pieces. We tend to buy those because Mom Paula can break them up into little pieces and they last longer.

  9. Sounds like a great treat for them,I guess the crew will be asking for more of those ;)

  10. I will have to try them out on our kids...I don't think they have had duck treats before. Fleurp is very pretty!!!


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