Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another Review

Got to say, I'm lovin these monthly reviews for Chewy.  I get yummy things for my kitties to eat and an easy blog post, and they get online promotion.. win win!

This month I asked for the Nature's Variety canned cat food, but I was misunderstood and was sent the Nature's Variety dog treats.  Andrew got confused since I had asked for dog treats in the past.  I explained that because I have a kitty with a very sensitive system I can't feed most treat products that have a lot of plants in them.  Andrew is going to send me the canned food and told me to give these to a friend.  Isn't he nice!

Well my co-worker just got a new puppy from a pet store.  Walter is a French/English Bulldog.  Poor thing has had a rough start to life, so I thought this would be a nice treat for him.

Walter wasn't feeling much like eating at this time.  Poor boy has been through a surgery for cherry eye on both eyes, was diagnosed with pneumonia and then parvo.  He spent the weekend at the vet and they were able to pull him through and he is doing much better and we are happy to report he is eating like a champ now and his mom Lauren (stop by and say hi!) was using the treats to teach him to sit.

YAY! is running a contest/promotion and giving away free stuff.. This one is all them though, I've got nothing to do with it save for putting the rafflecopter on my website for your ease of entering :)

Faces of Summer Giveaway

Post a photo of your Cat or Dog enjoying their favorite summertime activity for a chance to win!!
  In under 50 words, tell us about your favorite summertime activity with your pet to win a special Chewy prize pack. Tag #teamchewy on Instagram and Twitter, or message us on Facebook to enter!

By sending a picture of your furry family enjoying the summer months, accompanied by a brief description, you’ll be entered to be a featured pet as well as entered into the raffle for a special Prize package. The contest will run through the end of September and the winner will be contacted the first week of October. 


  1. Poor Walter. Glad he's feeling better and eating! Enjoy the treats, Walter!

  2. We are glad Walter is feeling better. We wished chewy delivered to Canada.

  3. Walter sure is a cutie. We are happy he's been feeling better, and enjoying those treats!

  4. Awwww sweet little Walter - so glad to hear he's feeling alot better! He's so cute.

  5. what a cutie.....glad he is feeling better (though can I just say ugh about the pet store thing....)

  6. We bet Walter will love those treats when he's feeling better. What a cute woofie!


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