Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Morning Kitteney Goodness

So the Monkeys are so cuddly it is darn hard to get good photos of them that do not include me.  They are very similar to Smedley and Issac Arnold in their daily cuddle quotient except it does not seem to stop. Last night they decided to use me as a cat bed and I nearly lost all ability to do anything productive ever again.

The Kitten that reminds me of Melody has really taken to the boys.  For a while I was seriously contemplating making her a 'needs to go with Lion" kind of kitten, but I think as long as there is another outgoing kitty in the house it might be better for her. She tends to mirror the behavior around her, and when the Monkeys are all up in my face she actually climbs up in my lap and accepts attention - even purrs for it. She rubs all over my ankles when she is hungry and when I offer my hand to her to sniff she will walk up and sniff it. If I reach directly for her though it still bothers her, but side reaches are fine. She never balks when you have her, but she often looks for an opportunity to get down rather quickly.. she is one very busy kitten that one.

Lion.. well I'll let you see for yourself..

My work here is done..

Which is a good thing as they are starting to get on my nerves (not really) as the room is kitten proof for neonatal kittens, not older obnoxious teenage kittens..


  1. Did some teencat chew up those puzzle pieces?

    1. tears them down, plays with them, chews them, hides them. Three other pieces that are actually there were found and returned, if you look really close you'll see teeth marks. These three.. NO idea where they are..

  2. Aren't they so cute! Oh I do wish my kitty was more cuddly.
    Happy Monday!
    xo Catherine

  3. Lion wants you to know that he can tell time, now! :)

    Kittens are stunningly.I'm actually amazed that the posters hanging on the wall in my foster room haven't been somehow torn down by now!

  4. Aw, well done, Connie! So adorable! I miss kitten cuddles...

    I love seeing video of their adorable selves!

  5. Oh my, they sure are busy kittens!

  6. yep....getting nuts, time to find a home of your own :) good job with them!!

  7. Sweet kittens gently and lovingly raised!
    Cute video too.

  8. They are so cute! But definitely kittens. :)

  9. What sweeties they are!


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