Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trip to Kansas, Day Two: Part one

So it started out with breakfast, and then a trip over to PetSmart to get a photo of Lowenstein with Santa..

We were early, so we walked around a bit. Amy brought her husband Lee with us and at some point the suggestion of getting a harness and leash for Lowenstein was brought up..

I think he liked having the freedom to walk around. He was much more comfortable being there than a lot of cats, but even so he was still getting a bit overwhelmed, so being able to explore seemed to help calm him a bit. That and he liked the fish..

Finally it was time for Santa. Oddly they didn't have anyone taking photos.. it was a BYOC kind of thing. I do have to say the staff was very nice about the whole thing, but that Santa.. well he seemed totally disengaged. He held Lowenstein, but he did nothing to try to calm him, or make the situation work.

Even in this second photo you can see he is off looking at something else entirely. *shrug* guess they just weren't expecting any cats (I suppose rightly so). I have about 20+ photos and these were the best.

While we were there I was able to surprise Amy with a gift card to PetSmart. I had won one and when I went to my local one I couldn't find anything that I wanted to spend money on. They don't carry food I was interested in feeding and I didn't need anything else. I thought it might be fun to either spend it on Amy or use it to buy something for the shelter. Well while we were there I saw they had a cat tree on a daily sale. I pointed it out to Amy and she said she needed one but financially it wasn't going to happen right then. So I pulled out my gift card and not so slyly put it in her hand and then over acted quite shocked that it was there and said her Secret Paws must have just shown up. (I had laughed so hard when I got the email telling me I had been paired with Amy). I originally thought it was $50 but it turned out to be $100! Ah well, I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way. It made me happy to see the look on her face and to know that Harvey Lowenstein and Evelyn are climbing all over my gift card ;)

Anyway.. She felt a wee bit uncomfortable since the Santa Paws had a much lower price cap (and I had bought her gifts in case she didn't 'need' anything at PetSmart or heaven forbid I couldn't get to one) so I told her that I'd just accept the fact that she was going to pay my "room and board" while I was here and not quibble when she offered to pick up my checks. I must say I think I got the better end out of the deal..

We then did a little shopping and met up with Lisa. As I mentioned I'm kind of a fan of Faraday and Maxwell and Allie. When I was invited I had hopes of going over to see them, but I didn't want to be pushy and say "HEY, I NEED TO SEE YOUR CATS!" (cause I'm pretty sure that's rude to some people) (btw, not to me.. say it to me any time) and wasn't I thrilled when we headed over to her house..

Now in my head I'm all fan girl. I mean serious fan girl.. like squeeing all over the place, jumping up and down feeling uber silly about meeting a couple of cats.. (cause you know.. society) but I didn't care..

And they didn't disappoint..

Yes, I got to see the "roadster"
oh my cod.. do these fangs not kill you dead??
SQUEEEE!! I'm TOUCHING HIM!!!  *faint*
And he likes it!!
I so need to invest in a good flash.

Allie kind of disapproved of my fangirl aura.. which was a little sad, but that's OK. Evelyn was too ;) She was probably also annoyed at all of the flashing coming off me. I tried to put the camera away several times but I kept picking it back up.. (I was such a tourist.. I felt like should have had tube socks and sandals on)

I ended up taking over 1000 photos in December, so to be fair to you, I'm going to split this up even further.. Day two part two coming up..


  1. What gorgeous kitties! :) How purrty on top of the fire place! :)

  2. SO JEALOUS!!!! and you take great pictures :)

    It is sad that some of the Santas are like that....

  3. Oh that was SO nice of you to give her your gift card!!! And what sweet photos.

  4. It was very disappointing that Santa didn't feel the need to spread the joy. :(
    Those are great photos! We bet Harvey and Evelyn are loving their present.

  5. My human says you are SO lucky, getting to meet all these legendary kitties! I guess she is sort of a fangirl too - I don't know how she can stand living with me without fainting all the time.

  6. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Great photos! And "I need to see your cats!" sounds perfectly fine to me, too! To my guys (except Corbie), maybe not so much, though... :)

  7. Maxwell: Aunty Connie, you can come by ANY time and give me chin scritches. Honest!
    Faraday: ME FIRST!
    Allie: oooh but I loooved sniffing your shoes and rummaging around in your purse. I was mainly disgruntled because SOMEkitty was forcing me to share the mantle with him. Stinky boy.

  8. Looks like a pawsome visit so far...except for that "Santa" !
    We think it is so neat you got to meet those fabulous kittits :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie


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