Friday, January 17, 2014

My trip to Kansas, Day Two: Part Two

So, as we left things, I was at Lisa's house fangirling over her kitties.. because... kitties!!

No I mean seriously.. although when Lisa brought out the cat toy I not only found myself wishing I had a better flash, but that I had a better camera.. You know those super professional ones that they use on the side lines of football..
Now you are just being silly
Isn't that the point?
All too soon play time was over and we were headed back to Amy's house.. where Dottie got her photo taken..
NAC* Dottie.. 
and I attempted to get some good photos of  Evelyn

What are you talking about woman.. I ALWAYS look good.. 
and Harvey Monster explored the new cat tree..

I so want to inverse this photo and make Harvey "Ceiling Cat"
but who has a carpeted ceiling??

And about this time Lee (Amy's Husband) stated "You sure do take a lot of photos".. well yeah.. I do..

I think this is my favorite of the trip... mostly because it is VERY Amy with out Amy being in the photo..

I think this is enough for now.. I can't believe there is going to be a part three!!
*NAC = not a cat


  1. loved seeing Allie in her racecar giving the boys the "look" :)

  2. I enjoyed all your beautiful photos!
    When boys are in action, I wish I had a better camera, too!

  3. *amen* talking about taking a lot of photos. I took over 3000 of Annabelle the first month she has been here.thank goodness for digital! like you I always want a better picture of the cats and I too long for a super duper fantastic camera. I love my Nikon and it's far and above better than anything I had in the past now I want to push it up a notch further...I can dream. Love the photos!!!

  4. You sure do take a lot of photos. MOL! Great action shots. They’re always hard to get.

  5. I was wondering what NAC stood for, LOL!

  6. Now that's a lot of feathery fun at Lisa's house! Dottie is very pretty. Love all the photos!

  7. Clearly, you were having WAY too much fun on your trip!

  8. Oh, you got some great pictures!

  9. Maxwell: Momma just called me Mewbacca after seeing all those photos. Uh, is that a compliment????

  10. That picture is very "me", isn't it? I love the great shots you got at both houses!

  11. Wow! How cool that you got to hang out with Amy and Lisa and all those wonderful kitties! Great pictures - thanks for sharing! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!


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