Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My trip to Kansas. Day Four

This day started like every other.. with Amy's cats waiting for me to come up from the basement. I don't know why this amused me, but it totally did.

We took NAC Yaz out for a run in the back yard.

and Amy took me out to the area of her yard that she has set aside as a memorial for Sebastian

Our plans for this day was a tour around the Hallmark headquarters that Lisa works at and then a meeting up with some women who volunteer at the local shelters to watch "The Paw Project". We drove down to Crown Plaza, a shopping mall which is part of the Hallmark complex and then went to the Hallmark Visitors Center. It was really nice to have someone who knows so much of the history of Hallmark being the guide.

In the Mall.
Did you really think I'd get through a trip to Kansas with out a Dorothy reference?
Lisa's office and two of her many many awards
We then went out for lunch.. it was yummy.  We did a little shopping where I picked up a few souvenirs and gifts

We then headed over to Lisa's house to watch the show.. and I fell in love with her kitties all over again

and then we went back to Amy's where I fell in love all over again with Harvey and Lowenstein.. (yup, I'm so fickle)

The next day was a pure travel day.. Despite a big storm brewing over home, there were no delays and I got home at a decent hour. Of course as soon as I got off the plane we went right over to the e-clinic to pick Jack up and bring him home. In the short time we were there the truck got completely covered with snow, and the drive home was a little tricky.

I am totally scared to leave home again, as I can not help but wonder if the stress of my leaving caused problems with Jack causing him such trouble. If I weren't so afraid, I would totally visit Amy and Lisa again in a heart beat - not that I have been invited.  They were so warm and gracious and it was an absolute blessing to be there. I have bought a ticket to Barkworld this October and look forward to meeting up with both of them there - that is if I can get over my fear of leaving Jack..


  1. My human was so worried about me for a while because of my digestive upsets and not eating that she had to cut a few trips short and cancel some others because she was not sure I'd be okay while she was gone, so she totally understands... but you know what? Eventually she decided that she couldn't let her life revolve around her worrying (because it was revolving around that and not really around me), so she decided to just go when she needed to and deal with it - and I've been fine with her gone. Sure, I do better with her home, but she is never gone for long and I can tell she is happier. It may be different for you, but it is something to think about.

  2. I totally know your feelings about being gone. . . .BTW, love the first photo. You had a great morning welcome crew.

  3. I totally get your feelings. When Abby was alive she would not eat for anyone but me, so I was constantly worried. In her life with me I only left her twice and for very short periods. One time I just took her with me and she did fine in the car but it took a tense 24 hrs to get her to eat at the house we were staying at. So I don't know what was worse taking her or leaving her. So in the end I just stayed put.

  4. love the first picture - reverse basement cat!!

    it is so hard to leave when the cats can't tell you what is going on and why. but it sounds like you had a great trip

  5. What a wonderful trip, though it's too bad Jack became ill while you were away. It's always a worry when a loved one (pet or person) has chronic issues.

    Love the photo of the kitties waiting for you in the morning!

  6. What a great trip! Visiting Hallmark must have been great fun, I love their cards! Thank goodness you didn't have any problems flying. The snow shut this area down, with 6-10 inches, depending where. (That's not much for a lot of folks, but it is for us.)

  7. Lovely reading about your trip and meeting such great cat people! I totally get your worry about Jack, but in actual fact I have never left Austin apart from a few hours in a day! I think he would really have separation anxiety. I really do! He is so much part of me. Caro xx

  8. We didn't get to reply earlier cuz mommy's been so sick, but we hasta say we MOLed at the photo of mommy & Amy - heads down - checking facebook! We sure were glad to see you (no one else has ever gotten such a good closeup of Maxie's fangs!)

    And we are so very sorry you had to deal with Jack's health issues while you were here. Paws crossed that he'll be okay with you going to BarkWorld???

  9. What a fantastic trip you had Connie and how wonderful that you got to meet all these special kitties and their special Humans! I got a kick out of you saying you were all "fangirl" over Faraday...I would be too! And how special your cat tree gift was for Amy's kitties!

  10. When the pawrents lived in KCMO decades ago, there was a great store at Crown Plaza with everything cat. Mom doesn't remember the name. You do take the most stunning photographs. Sounds like a pawsome trip. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  11. its always a worry when you leave your babies behind,xx Rachel


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