Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting to know the new kittens

There have been a lot of questions about the kittens and their mom over on Facebook, since I was posting screenshots of the webcams today. I know very little, they were a transfer, they came from up north. There were five kittens, three boys two girls (just like the last litter interestingly enough).. and that is all I knew before they walked in the door.

Once I set them up in the house I saw that Momma was quite freaked by sudden movements and the squeal of the hinges on the door.  So I turned the TV on home shopping, I WD40'd the door hinges, and I offered her food... she ate.. I offered her more food.. she ate that too. So I gave her a third can.. she ate that.. so I gave her a 5.5 oz can and a bowl of dry food and called it a night.

In the morning she was not visible when I walked in the room. I finally got down on my knees and looked under the couch, and she shoved herself in the far back corner of the room.  I talked softly to her while I went about cleaning up after the night. There was some kitten poop on the blankets, so I needed to change those out. I changed it out without moving the kittens, and I set out a couple of cans of food, cleaned out the litter box (with input there was a lot of output) talking softly the whole time.

I have cloud recording on my dropcam so I was able to go back throughout the night and see why the towels had kitten poop on them. Turns out Momma hadn't spent a lot of time with the kittens and they had gotten up, wandered away from the group and went poop on their own.  Momma didn't come back throughout the morning either. I was getting concerned but she finally went and nursed for a while before heading back under the couch. I still worry - because that is what I do - but I reminded myself that the kittens were not screaming with hunger, they were all active when she came to nurse, so they were probably just fine.

When I got home from work, I went down to clean up, and give the kittens a kitten litter box. I tried to explain what it was, how if they felt the need to poop again, they should seek out  the far away "Litterlandia" for their deposits. My husband then said that it was the land of "FancyFeastus" (because their litterbox is the base of a case of Fancy Feast) and proceed to eat it.. because we all know.. kittens all eat litter before they poop in it and before they eat real food.  No idea why, but they all do.

I peeked at their under-carriages, so I know I do have three boys and two girls, and I know who is who. The 'cow' kittens are all super soft.. and they are all kinda sweet.. just letting me have a look and move them around with out a complaint... of course the lack of complaint also bothered me (since they went hours today without eating) so I had to force a complaint out of them...

The single complaint brought Momma kitty out from under the couch and she ran to the remaining kitten in the cage (since I was removing them to take a peek and to make it easier to clean) and snuggled right up to him, making him pee.. so my concern is greatly reduced.

Momma reminds me a lot of Twee in looks, but is a bit fuller of face, and has a white chin.  When she is more comfortable with me I will try to get better pictures, for now I have a few from my cell phone - which takes pretty lousy pictures unless the lighting is perfect.. which it is not in the corner of the kitten room.

Momma was also hungry, and I gave her four more cans of food, which she ate heartily. At one point she was under five kittens and I could tell she wanted some food, so I asked her if she wanted me to bring it to her.. both my husband and I distinctly heard her chuff  'D'uh!" as her affirmative reply.. we both laughed, and I did my best to help her out.  Her trust of me went up about 10 notches while I was in there.. but I have no doubt that I will have to earn it again tomorrow.

TL;DR, meet the babies..

the girls are smaller than the boys, here is the black girl next to her black brother
my husband contributing to the delinquency of a minor
black and white girl's teeth
black and white girl - minus ears for some reason
black and white boy - possible tuxedo.. 
cow girl
cow girl - so you know who is who when you watch the web cam
White boy with 'wings'
white boy with wings
The bigger cow boy
cow boy's back


  1. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Oh the kittens are just adorable, and I sure hope that Mom cat comes around in due course.

  2. I adore the wings on the back of that one kitten!

  3. You've so already named that last kitten Cowboy...

  4. Oo I like the name cowboy! LOL

  5. eep - those markings are adorable. we bet mom comes around in no time....that is a lot of change for the poor girl :)

  6. We love their different markings ! Purrs

  7. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Sukiroo says: ≽^•。•^≼ I think my favorite so far is 'cowgirl' ❤ they are all so precious! Mom sounds like she will come around soon with the help of food!

  8. They sure are cute and we hope that Momma gets more comfortable super soon.

  9. The kittens are super cute. I'm sure the mommy will acclimate soon enough.

    Emma and Buster

  10. I'm sure the momma cat will learn quickly that you are kind and helpful, and she'll adjust to the new surroundings. Amazing how all the kittens are a variation on a black-n-white theme!

  11. Oh, you made Mommy go squee!
    I specially like the little tuxie!

  12. They're adorable! We're sure that you will be able to work your magic on momma kitty in no time.


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