Friday, June 12, 2015

Tails from the Foster Kittens went to BlogPaws

I know I know, I am SOOO late in getting these up.. I'm sorry. I know you were anxiously awaiting the photos I took while I was away.. *sigh* I'm sorry (look at me stroke my own ego.. like you really were waiting.. ha ha ha)

Anyway.. For those of you who didn't know at the end of May I traveled down to Nashville TN to attend the 2015 BlogPaws conference. I also went in 2013 when it was in Baltimore - which was so nice because I could drive.. I really hate to fly because I really hate being treated like chattel. I ended up flying SouthWest a few years ago and it is now my preferred method of travel because you get to pick the seat. Being someone who is of the "plus-sized"* variety of people out there, I know full well that there is a segment of the population of the world who look upon us with disgust and near hatred, so I feel very uncomfortable 'forcing' myself upon them when I sit next to them - mostly because I simply do not know. I know I shouldn't care, that it is their problem, but I do... and I feel much more comfortable when I can sit down first and let someone choose to sit next to me... so SouthWest it is.  (ramble much Connie?? anyway as for the *, I hate that term, but it is the one we all know what I mean when I say it. It isn't like there are minus sized people.. Look, we are all just people, if you hate us for being a size, get over it. I am not going to apologize for taking up space in your world)

So.. tickets booked (eventually - goodness it was hard getting a good flight) and bags packed, Travelin Jack and I headed down to spend time with like minded individuals. It was like coming home - only with a lot of travel.. (seriously, I know traveling to Maine is a pain, but it's so worth it, ya'll should come here.).

I also chose not to bring my DSLR, because it is big and bulky and at the other conferences I was worried about it too much of the time, so I relied completely on my phone camera for the photos. and seriously, I want to flog myself for all of the 'portrait' type photos I took when I strongly prefer 'landscape'. I just kept forgetting to turn the phone on it's side. Most of these were seriously cropped to get the look I wanted.

Travelin Jack always likes to stop at the gift shops.. he's weird like that
Travelin Jack wonders if we say "SouthWest" enough times if they'll comp us some tickets
In Baltimore, wondering where Tony and Gibbs are.
First picture I take at BlogPaws? Waffles of course!
Travelin Jack channels his inner Odilia
The next morning, checking in, getting my name badge and swag bag
My kitten fever was getting a little out of control,
thanks to Jeanne for providing some relief
Travelin Jack said if it is good enough for Odilia... 
Part of the exhibit hall
This is where you get to know the brands that want bloggers to blog about their products
One of the highlights of the conference, baby ducklings at the Jones Natural Chews booth.
No, they will not be made into treats. (Btw, Flea rocks!)
You can see just some of the recycling bins around the hotel trying to make it zero-waste
which of course means "DUCK SELFIE!!"
A horrible photo of the entrance to the Cat Lounge. I like the lounge a lot, but one down side
is there aren't that many things that are given away. Most of the booths in the exhibit halls had freebies,
but it was nice to see and touch the products that Kate talks about over
Carma Poodle was there.. 
Just hanging out with Katie (well trying to convince her I wasn't there to steal her)
oh yeah, and Debbie and Lisa too (priorities, right?)
Summer and Janiss' legs. (again, just look at my priorities)
The amazing Sophie
a trip to Target is tradition when you are traveling with Amy
Silliness on social media for a good cause. They sang and food was donated to their shelter
Travelin Jack heard there were hats at the Honest Kitchen booth, he had to show Jack up.
I was offered one, but I didn't think I could get it home in one piece.
I should have tried, that would have been adorable on kittens
I took Waffles to "Ashton's Chicken Emporium"
Seriously Julie, those glasses are freakin awesome!
and I hung out with Jeanne's kittens again.. 
and helped Debbie and Lisa get ready for their party
We went into the city for dinner
Amy, Lisa, Jenny, Debbie and Stephanie
We saw Elvis! (and a lot of drunk people)
Kitten Pawpurrazzi Rachel, Sophie and Emily
You can see one of the photos Sophie took here
Herman (although he was distracted at looking something WAY more important)
BlogPaws cheesecake
yes, another kitten break... seriously, why do you think I constantly foster kittens??
Kitten Fever is real and it burns!!
The closing banquet - after we ate they gave out the nose to nose awards
Don't tell Debbie, but Waffles wanted to come home with me
 I failed to plan and didn't have an orange mancat sized space for him in my stuff
We went to the Waffle House, and Stephanie was so over Travelin Jack trying to take the perfect selfie
Checking out. The gentleman was super helpful
oh yeah, and some point in those few days there were some seminars that I went to, where I learned about interesting things in some, and didn't in others. Because I roomed with friends I focused more on spending time with them instead of the conference and so I know I missed out on a few things and possibly a few opportunities, but I am okay with that. I had fun.

Travelin Jack and I had most of Sunday to hang out since my flight out wasn't until 8 and I had to be out of the hotel at noon.  His little adventure trying to waste some time will have to be a different post..


  1. My human says the hanging with friends part is the BEST part of BlogPaws - and I agree! I wish we could have hung out more - maybe when it comes back to the East Coast in a couple of years?

    1. as much as I would like to BE in AZ, even the idea of traveling there is overwhelming.. Yes, maybe in a few years when it comes back to the east coast, or even something mid country..

  2. Loved all of your photos! As always, it was great to see you!

  3. Wow, all the photos are wonderful. What a fun time you had with your friends and furriends :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing all these photos! I really enjoyed seeing them. It looks like a lot of fun was had at BlogPaws.

  5. Just so you know, I WAS anxiously awaiting your BlogPaws post, I just didn't want to say anything and pressure you to hurry up. Traveling Jack is adorable, and I really enjoyed this post.

    1. lol.. Carolyn, you pressure me any time you want to see something on the blog, I'm totally happy to have some input.

  6. Maybe I'll be able to attend next year's event; just couldn't swing the costs for this years. Looks like people and cats all had a great time!

  7. Rant well accepted. I've been up and down and up and down the weight scale myself my entire life --( and kids treat overweight kids brutally) so I get you. Totally.
    I was delighted to read your post and see all those photos. Your phone took terrific photos. So glad you had such fun.

  8. Great photos! Glad you got to meet so many 2-legged and 4-legged friends.

  9. Wonderful photos ! Thank you for sharing with us ! Purrs

  10. What a lot of fun! I've always said I love to travel to new places, I just dislike the getting there.
    Thanks for sharing the new kittens on Facebook. I haven't been on the blogs for quite a few days so I'm getting my "kitten fix" there.

  11. The mom says it was great seeing you and all the other cat peeps. She got her kitten fill too...good thing she didn't bring any home with her. :)

  12. Thanks so much for the update, since I couldn't go. I do wish I could have seen Katie and Waffles and Summer and the kittens and Sophie and Herman........ and of course, their humans! Not sure about next year, and I have been truly terrible about blogging. Sigh

  13. It was great to read this. My human will never get to Blogpaws so she has to live vicariously!!! Lovely sum up x

  14. We see our mom cheated on us. Again. Like, several SEVERAL agains' worth, too!!
    Good thing Travelin' Jack was there to record all the incriminating evidence!

  15. CRAP...I missed such a fun time! Thanks for the photos.

    Next Year!!!


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