Monday, June 15, 2015

Your Monday Morning Kitten Update

Tuxie girl
Cow girl
Cow Boy
♪ ♫ Momma don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys ♫ ♪
Super fluffy black with white boy - he is super adventerous
The other cow boy - the one with 'wings'
The winged boy investigates
Well someone thinks he is cute
I do not want to look at the flashy box!
are you done.. YET?!?!

Momma kitty is doing better and better each day. She is still hiding when I walk in the room, but most of the time she comes right out once she hears my voice and rubs up against my ankles. She does growl if my husband shows up, but I calmly tell her that he is okay, remind him to go slower, and he offers her a sniff and he can pat her and she relaxes.

She is taking wonderful care of her kittens and we haven't had any further accidents with the kittens. They are still playing in their litter box quite regularly, and I think we had our first pee deposit which is encouraging. I think we are approaching week four with them, so I think I'll just assume their birthdate is 5/18

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we need a naming day and stat..


  1. Cow girl resembles our Angel, whom we often call CCC, or Cow-Colored Cat. Her brother, mostly black, is often nicknamed BBC, or Big Black Cat. We named him Chocolate, but now he's just Chuck.

  2. I love the freckles on tuxie girl's nose. <3

  3. That first tuxie looked kind of suspicious. :) Good luck with names....they are adorable

  4. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Sukiroo sez: My favorite is 'Cowgirl' - the rest of them all run a close '2nd+3/4' place to her - and mom of course, brings up the rear!

  5. Happy bear plus kitten plus adorable hat.... what's not to squee over?

  6. Aw, they're so cute. The mom wants winged boy. We told her no.

  7. My human loves the winged boy also! She promises she would not call him Angel... but I don't think that's a good enough reason to let her go to Maine and get him!

  8. So adorable!!

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  9. Our mom can't get enough of the tuxies! They are alladorables!

  10. What cuties they all are!


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