Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Casey and Cabana had a visit from The Cat Guy (and an update)

Years ago, I ran across "The Cat Guy" who blogged over at Four White Paws.  I enjoy reading blogs about cats as it helps remind me that there are people out there who love cats simply because they love cats - being in rescue you often see the negative side of the cat/human interactions - and they give me faith. (to all of you who right cat blogs, to the others that share their beloved kitty with me, thank you)

Shortly after I started following him he started talking about a feral family that was visiting his home.  When he decided to share with the world that he was trying to befriend them and built them a feeding station I was hooked. It helped that I was already smitten with all of his own kitties.  And when he shared how he converted his porch for Piere and his feral family so that they would have a safe place to go, well let's just say I became a fan.

He lived in Seattle and I lived in Maine. It seemed I would never get the chance to meet him.

Then two years ago I moved to NH and weirdly enough The Cat Guy also decided to move and landed about half an hour from me I thought maybe we'd get the chance.

I am pretty sure that both of us being raging introverts played a big part in our not getting together before this past September. That and my life went quite wonky there for a while and from the few things I've heard from him his life was a little weird there too..

But I was trying to socialize Casey and Cabana I was frantic to get people to visit to see how they would react, so I begged him to stop by for 10 minutes or so to meet the kitties.. I mean who better to meet the undersocialized/feral kittens than the guy who socialized a family of ferals..

Thankfully The Cat Guy made some time for me and stopped by for a quick visit.

As you can see Casey was all for some company, but Cabana was a little more reluctant.

Well, that didn't take long.

The Cat Guy sat on the floor to let the kittens get to know him first but then Cabana started calling him into the room to sit on the couch with him.

and then there was some playtime as well as the obligatory kitten photos

I'm pretty sure Cabana is telling me he appreciated the new friend and that he could totally stay.

It was an absolutely lovely visit and it was nice to show off my kittens and have them behave so well. It really helped me be okay with sending them off to be adopted without worrying "too much" (oh who am I kidding, I cried and you know it)

I was thrilled when I heard from Casey and Cabana's new family with photos of them doing incredibly well. I was a bit afraid they would cower in a corner for a day or two but very quickly they came out and investigated their environment. (and if you are on facebook she shares regular updates on them on my facebook group)


  1. How cool that The Cat Guy got to visit Casey and Cabana. We’re glad that those two kits are doing well in their new home. But then, we knew they would because they had such a great upbringing.

  2. You met The Cat Guy??? Yay!! So glad the kittens loved him

  3. We love you Cat Woman.
    We love you Cat Guy.
    And we love you Cats & Kittens!

  4. Aww, how sweet of Cat Guy to visit.

  5. We see the Casey and Cabana news on Facebook, and my human and I are always thrilled!

  6. Absolutely wonderful!

  7. How nice that the Cat Guy visits Casey and Cabana ! Purrs

  8. How sweet to have updates on them


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