Monday, November 18, 2019

Shooting at the Shelter Series 2019

I used to like to go to the shelter and take photos of the kitties for several reasons. It would show there are beautiful cats at the shelters waiting for homes and they aren't all "broken" or second-hand problem cats. Also because it helped me work on my photography skills. It is very hard to take good photos of cats in the standard shelter environment because there is rarely good lighting.

I went down to the Monadnock Humane Society in Swanzey, NH for a volunteer orientation. I am hoping to continue to foster this winter and I figure the more shelters I put my name down at, the more likely I am to get fosters.  NHKittens has closed up for the year, so it is either this or go without.

After orientation I asked if it would be okay to take photos and I was given permission and sadly I realized way too early in the day that my battery was not well charged.. so I didn't get as many photos as I would like. Nor did I get a lot of great photos because the shelter was open and I was by myself so getting photos of kitties in cages was hard and most of the cats in rooms were... well they were labeled Spirit Cats.

They also had a lot of "pocket animals" as well.

When I asked, it was mentioned that they were hoping for a really nice photo of Tina (aka the kitty above) she had been at the shelter for some time and they were hoping to promote her. I sat with her for a while. I tried to entice her to play with me, but the longer I sat there and attempted to ignore her the further back into her cave she withdrew. I so wanted to take her home to foster and give her a break from shelter life, but being new and unknown I didn't know how that ask would go. I have to say I adore that they have someone who makes blankets for the cats. I saw several like the one above with the name of a kitty in the room with it. It is a blessing for cats to go to a home with something that smells like something familiar.. so not only do they have possessions, they literally have a safety blanket.. how awesome.

They also had a cool set of shelving in one room for the cats to get up off the floor. I thought this was a really cool option that ould easily translate into someone's home if they have a wall.

I then went to one of the Spirit cat rooms.

The fluffy black one, in the middle, eyed me like she might like to get to know me better, so I went over to say hi, but she did not respond to my request for an exchange, so I left the kitty "un-molested".. and for a woman with the nickname of grabby hands, you have to admit that was pretty impressive.

Next a couple of the pocket pets:

and a few of the kitties up for adoption. I don't see them on the website so I will avoid using names.. The black and white kitty had several photos because I just loved the bokeh and the whiskers..  The lighting wasn't great so focus was an issue.. ah well..

And then there was this beautiful kitty - which caused me to drain my camera to the point the battery died..

He was highly playful and really wanted to get out of the cage, so getting photos was not easy. He was a little mouthy but gentle and the second I said no he stopped. I probably could have spent all day right there with this kitty, but I had things to do after - but that is for another post.


I do want to remind you that I am sending out Christmas postcards again this year. If you would like one you can submit your address here. I am also selling a calendar with photos of my fosters from this year. You can pick it up here.. I am planning on sharing a few more photos in it later this week.  I am sure there will be a black friday sale happening if you want to wait for a discount, I totally get that. 


  1. Oh I hope you do go and ask for fostering Tina again. I know that you will change her completely! And I bought a calendar. Looking forward to receiving it. You are awesome!!

  2. Poor Tina. She really needs a home... or a foster...

  3. So many lovely kitties needing homes.

  4. Oh my gosh, that Gray Guy! What a wonderful bunch of facial expressions he has!!

  5. "NHKittens has closed up for the year"...what does that mean? They have closed their doors?

    1. they are a very small shelter and they generally close up shop once kitten season is over.

  6. What a nice shelter...and some good looking cats!

  7. I am familiar with the idea of "spirit animals" so I looked up what the shelter had to say about "spirit cats." Turns out I've had a couple of them, without knowing that's what they were. What a great idea to help these wonderful animals earn acceptance for what they are.


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