Tuesday, November 19, 2019

VIsiting friends #formerfosters

I knew for a couple of weeks that I was going to go to the shelter from yesterday's post, so when I was invited to visit Casey and Cabana I couldn't resist piggybacking a trip down to see them.

Lauren was incredibly generous to invite me down and I was glad to know. She had been sharing photos of the duo on Facebook so I knew they were adjusting well, but seeing it in person.. of cuddling them one more time.. well, I couldn't resist. As you can see I got the trademarked cuddle from both of them.. (and they didn't even know I had treats at that point.. yes, I am not above bribing my former fosters for attention)

Sadly, my camera was dead so I only had my cell, and they were so excited and active that I got relatively few photos.. (and most of them were quite fuzzy) but it was wonderful to spend some time with them, to feed them some treats, and get to know their mom a little better. I knew Lauren was a lovely person by how generously she has been sharing them with me, but spending time with her was a delight... and seeing her goats was such fun!

But then there was this..

Yup, they ended up right where they were supposed to be..

Then I received a message from Jasmine's mom (former foster Slate).  She had some food her kitties weren't eating and she offered it to me. I figured I could swing over to see them and it all worked out as well..

Jasmine showed off for me a bit, showed me her bed, told me I was not going to take her back, and was downright adorable.. It was lovely to see her and spend a little time with her family, but it was getting late (there is so little sunlight this time of year in New England and driving at night is not a lot of fun)

I also visited another set of fosters a while ago..

My friend Kathleen, who adopted two of my fosters years ago and who has connected me up a number of people who have ended up adopting from me, invited me out for a visit. I had to be in the area for work, so I made a quick jaunt over to see them.. yes, on an island off the coast of Maine, yes, it was absolutely amazingly stunning.. Meghan who also adopted some of my former fosters came along. It was a wonderful time among friends.  While Kathleen's kitties were mostly a no show (except for Rocky who decided to pose for me so beautifully) I did get to go over and see this year's most popular foster kitty and his sister

Now I swear there is no food in my purse and trying to get in it was completely her idea.. :) (and yes, I was frisked before leaving)


I do want to remind you that I am sending out Christmas postcards again this year. If you would like one you can submit your address here. I am also selling a calendar with photos of my fosters from this year. You can pick it up here


  1. It's so awesome to see your former fosters! Especially Casey and Cabana, since they were such hard cases - you did an amazing job with them, AND they wound up in the perfect home! Double win!

  2. Wow, that's so cool, a trifecta of former foster visits!

  3. Love updates! They're all so cute!!

  4. Do you see how many lives you impact, by fostering? The kitties are loved, the humans are loved in return, and it's lather, rinse, repeat! Wonderful!

  5. It's so cool to see your former fosters again ! Purrs

  6. I can't even imagine what your kitties thought when you came home smelling of so many new cats! You work miracles, Connie. All these cats are a testament to that. I hope you don't minimize the amazing difference you make - not only in the lives of these cats - but also in the lives of the people who love them. And as a person saved by my cat, I know just how profound a difference one cat can make. Multiply that by every single foster you've cared for ... and the effect is pretty staggering.

  7. We bet it's always heartwarming to see your former fosters doing so well. :)


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