Sunday, February 2, 2003

Sick kitties

Ok.. I've had it. Kodi has been sick way too freakin long. Not to mention Moe.. (or mojo jojo, or dweezle) at least moe is acting like he's not sick.. well of course except when he sneezes. This afternoon his nose was all plugged up. I just poked at Kodi, and his nose was plugged too, along with the runny eye thing. My vet said to get them off the antibiotics, but they aren't getting better.. I need to call their old vet and get some more antibiotics.. and if they wont give them to me I'll have to talk to the shelter. I do not want to take them back in for another vet visit (my vet wont give me any with out another visit, even though they were just there. I'm not too pleased with that)

the toys I got them yesterday are still a big hit. so that's three I can highly recommend. Bubble nip, the mouse that squeaks when its moved, and the piece of fur attached to an elastic that's on a pole that you can attach to a window.


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