Saturday, March 8, 2003

Same stuff, different day

wow.. it has been a while, hasn't it?
Got a new collar for Em. She would constantly break out of the safty collar that I had gotten her when she scratched her neck, so I got her one that buckles.

Muffin decided that she needed some attention way too early this morning. Man that cat has some determination. I threw her off the bed like 10 times.. ok.. more like 20. She'd just jump back up and start licking what ever part of my skin that was exposed. Its just so hard to get mad at her.. even if she is waking you up, cause she just rolls over on to her back and looks ever so cute and adorable.

Eli's ears are still dirty. When we were at the vet, he was treated for ear mites. Kodi was tested and they found a mite in his ear, so with the way the dirt in his ears looked and that bit of history, I was pretty sure we were on the money. But Im guessing that we were wrong now. The treatement stuff is quite effective with one dose. and thursday morning I cleaned his ears till they sparkled. Thursday night he had huge gobs of goo in them again. Same with friday. At first I was thinking it was just stuff coming loose from further down in his ear (cause I only clean the outer ear) but now Im thinking that he's still producing it. The vet said it might be a yeast infection. (didn't know kitties could get those). Eli hates it when Im physically cleaning his ears.. mostly cause Im having to hold him down when I do it, but I get the distinct impression that he is ever so glad to have his ears cleaned.

btw.. new picts were just uploaded they show the cute bunny like way that muffin likes to lay on the floor.. the kittens getting into the valentines I got the other day from a group I belong to on line, and Em's new collar. (I particularly like the jack of hearts *grin*)

Haven't gotten to the first teeth cleaning yet.. Hopefully next week, as I really need to get to that..

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