Friday, March 28, 2003

vet visit

well.. We made the trip to the vets yesterday.. Was an interesting time, that's for certain. I brought the carriers up early, jack ran right in one and sat down.. that boy loves to travel. I then got out the treats to ensure that Em and Ollie didn't run away. I think they knew something was coming, but the treat is a powerful thing, so they continued to hang out on the bed. When the hubby came home, they were still there, and he was amazed. I took Em, and he took Ollie, who made a mad dash for it, but we caught him (ha ha ha) When Em saw the carriers she started to whine. The hubby stuffed Ollie in his carrier, then had to grab him again as Ol made a mad dash to get out. Getting him in wasn't nearly as hard as shutting the door. Ollie kept sticking his paws out the side, so we'd have to push them back in or risk pinching them. Em wasn't too keen to get in hers either, but at least once she was in she just sat there mewing pathetically.

Jack was once again in his carrier. I went for Eli, who was fine till I went to pick him up, then he jumped (like when you startle someone) and tried to get away. I was too quick for him though *grin* and we put him in the larger carrier with Jack. Then had to track down muffin.. which was easier than I thought it would be. Getting her in the carrier with jack and eli though wasn't a pretty site, cause eli wanted to get out. But we eventually got them all in and we were off.

And of course Em was howling the whole way down there. We found that if we don't talk during the car ride she stops crying. I guess she thinks we aren't there? No.. cause last time she could see me the whole way. The vet visit was pretty uneventful. Everyone looks good. The doc did a swab on eli's ear.. pulled out a huge gob of gunk. *sigh* She thinks its still just getting clean from the bad case of ear mites though. I'm going to clean them often and if they don't clear up I'll take him back and discuss other options.

Jack is still positive for leukemia. *sigh* Poor boy doesn't know how to fail at anything..
Em weighs 16.1 lbs
Ollie weighs 9.8
Jack 9.5
Eli 9.3
Muffin 7.8 (she was five lbs five weeks ago.. she's a little weed that one) Ollie definitely needs to put on a bit more weight.. maine coon's are supposed to weigh around 15lbs.. I'm sure in time he will.

I woke up a little early this morning. Immediately had muffin there wanting some attention. Then Jack. Then Em, then Ollie. Was 9 am before I got out of bed... when I did I found that they had found the bag of feathers again. grrr.. man those kitties are determined.

I've decided today I'm going to find all of their kitty balls. or at least as many as possible. They are amazing when it comes to hiding things. There are at least 15 jingly balls and 6 ping pong balls in this house somewhere. I am not a big surprised though. this group of kitties hid balls in my tiny - no closet - kitten room, that i have STILL not found.

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