Monday, March 3, 2003

Catching up

I watched "Emergency Vets" today on the animal planet channel. I don't know why I watch this show. It quite often turns my stomach and more often than not I end up all teary eyed at it. But then there are those stories like they showed today.. They showed a show from 1998 about a kitty who had been hit by car. The poor thing was hit hard, both his back legs were broken, and poking through the skin, then the kitty was dragged on something that wore down the bone. The woman who brought the kitty in was told there wasn't much they could do, so they were going to put the kitty to sleep. The vet decided that since the kitty was still alive after such a traumatic event and he was acting so sweetly that he couldn't just give up. They took x-rays and determined they could actually help the kitty out. They operated on him and fixed him, then called the woman who found him. She agreed to take him home even though she had just adopted a cat - because her two year old son really wanted one. The hospital didn't charge the woman for the surgery. The hubby agreed to keep him as long as they named him highway.

I loved this episode. I just wanted to give everyone a huge hug. btw.. Highway looks very much like jack.

It was kitty combing day here. I really need to make sure I do Emerald on a regular basis. She's a big log like kitty so I don't think she can properly remove the dead fur from her back side. If I don't do it regularly she acts like it hurts and even nips at me.. (stopping the nip the second her teeth come in contact with my skin) I took off enough fur from her to make a small kitten. She also has some dandruff... and jack came to investigate when I was combing her, and he ended up with dandruff all over his face.. it was quite funny. Everyone did really well. I got very little excess fur off of anyone else. Ollie wasn't happy about the whole thing... but at least it went pretty smoothly. Maybe if I do this once a week he'll stop getting quite so upset about it. We had "treat time" afterwards.. that's always a big hit. Everyone kept stealing treats from Em though. She often uses her paw to "put" the treat in her mouth.. its unbelievably adorable.

We had to put some plastic bowls down for water the other week... so now muffin has some acne again. poor thing. She doesn't seem to notice it at all which is good. Did have to clip her claws again though.. man her claws grow quickly.

I think jack's fully forgiven me. We had some really nice cuddle time last night, then again this morning. I love it when he comes up and cuddles with me. Muffin does it all the time. she's taken to sleeping on the pillow above my head at night. Last night she ended up with a piece of my hair in her mouth.. I woke up to her making noises like she was trying to get it out.. nothing dramatic, but since she basically sits on my head at night, it was easy to hear.

We are going to have our first real teeth cleaning day here soon. Maybe tomorrow, more possibly wednesday.. I'll let you know how it goes.

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