Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Making cat toys

well I fixed the cat toy I made the other day. If I could figure out how to make the string stick to the stick with out using a huge gob of hot glue, I could actually sell these things. Jack still LOVES it. He's such a great cat toy tester. :) I also made another toy.. the other half of the stick, some stretchy bead cording, a big green pom pom, and some hot glue. That one wasn't as big of a hit as the feather toy.. maybe I should stick a few feathers on it.

Poor ollie. He's trying so hard, but he's just not getting it. The kittens and I were playing in the kitchen.. he wanted to play too, so I occasionally ran the toy in front of him. he would go after it.. which was a great sign that he's trying.. but when it would eventually get away, another kitty would go after it. then if that kitty got to close to ollie, ollie would hiss and swat at the kitty that encroached on his territory. *sigh* Well if that's the type of kitty he is, that's the type of kitty he is.. will keep working on him for a while, but I might just have to accept the fact that he's not into sharing.

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