Tuesday, March 18, 2003

That wet cat smell

I forgot to mention that Muffin has an almost 'wet dog' smell when she's all wet. I used a nice kitty shampoo on her due to the oil, but she still had this odor about her when she was wet. Fortunately when she was dry she smelled all sweet and floraly. I wonder if I will EVER figure out why she smells like that.

Eli's ears are clear *does happy dance* Its about freakin time. Im so glad it wasn't anything else. I did another major cleaning on friday. I got scratched a little, cause I didn't have him in a very good position when I put the cleaning fluid in his ear. I should have known, but he had been so good every time I cleaned his ears, I wasn't thinking. It was a very minor scratch, its almost gone now. His ears were mostly clean by friday, and I only got a few pieces of gunk out. Saturday I peeked in cause the day after the first cleaning lots of junk worked its way out. Saturday they were still mostly clean. Only two q-tips per ear. originally I could have used 10 per ear and they would still be dirty... ok maybe not 10, but a lot. I peeked in them yesterday and they were fine, and Monday they were clean. I was almost surprised. I have been fighting this for so long. Still fighting his eye though. That and his nose gets gunk on it. its easy to take off the bottom of his nostril, but when it gets on the top, its so hard to get off, that often I just leave it.

Jack is being all cuddly tonight. He came over to me to get some lovin. He's now over bugging my hubby for some. I do love that cat

I'm working on Ollie. Trying to get him to not be so tense. We had play time the other morning, he was actually going after the feathers. I think he's adjusting nicely. He's still a little sensitive when it comes to his personal space... we will have to work on that. (jack is back. *cuddles jack*) He actually came and had some good quality time with me last night, then went and sat on daddy while he slept for about an hour till muffin came in. she has NO respect for personal space

Emmy made her way into the sun room tonight. There was still a little heat out there after the sun went down, so we ate dinner out there. That was a big hit with everyone. Jack even sat on the fake fireplace. It was odd to see him on a fire place that looked so real. Made me glad we decided to get that one though, knowing that someone would have ended up with blisters or a burnt tail if we had gotten a real one. When we were done eating I decided it was getting a bit too cold so we went in. Everyone else had pretty much wandered back into the house except Em. I called her into the house, but she looked at me like I was metal. So I shut the door on her. She didn't care. I opened the door back up and told her it was time for bed. She came back in. :)

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