Monday, March 10, 2003

Muffin decided she liked her collar so much she chewed right through it

Muffin decided she liked her collar so much she chewed right through it. :( so she's back to the pink one we got from the shelter.
Did a little spring cleaning this weekend.. there is a hutch in my kitchen that 90% of the small cat toys end up under. I got a yard stick and tried to get them out, and of course it became a major game.. every time I got something close to the edge someone would go after it and push it back in. *rolls eyes*. I also found a Snapple cap under there with a Snapple fact in it that said "cats have over one hundred vocal sounds". I just thought that was cute.

Today was a major day in the lives of the kitties. Ear cleanings, nail trimmings, combings and yes.. teeth cleaning. It started out with Eli. His ears were a little less dirty than they had been recently, so I got out the flush that I got when we acquired ollie (he had a major mite and flea problem) One ear went okay, got some gobs out from the inner ear. But then the sun room people stopped by (cause the frost has shifted the room and now the doors don't shut right) and that was the end of the cooperation from Eli. Made doing the other ear a bit more difficult. but with some cooing and some promises of treats, we got through the second ear, and of course he shook his head before I could get the towel over his head so I ended up with ear flush and gobs of black goop on me. Silly kitty. I'll probably flush his ears one more time toward the end of the week, then see what happens. if it continues to get dirty, then I'm going to assume its something other than the end of a bad case of mites. Since I had the treats out, I found all my teeth cleaning supplies. The little ones took to it okay. it wasn't their favorite activity, but they didn't run away once I let them go. The power of the treat is an amazing thing. Ollie HATED it. he bit me a couple of times.. at least the 'brush' prevented it from hurting. I also think he wasn't all that interested in hurting me, just getting my finger out of his mouth. Em was the worst. Her teeth are the worst.. but considering she is 12 years old... they aren't that bad. But her gums did bleed. she wasn't too happy about it. I can't blame her. I'm sure after a few weeks it will be much easier. Did some combing as well. Em went rather easily compared to last week. Ollie will never get used to it. so I decided to use a small comb on him, and got a nice pile out of him. One of these days he has GOT to realize that its good to be combed. Has to be better than hairballs. Although I wouldn't be totally shocked to find out he knows that now, I think its more of a not wanting to be restrained.

I have totally been forgiven for all the horror *smirk* Behold.. the power of the kitty treat.

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